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Storm Damage Restoration Services for Eastlake and Willoughby, OH

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The Northeast Ohio area is prone to severe weather throughout the year and many of the storms that occur in this area can be strong enough to cause property damage. Thunderstorms, heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds are a threat to damage property throughout the year while blizzards and ice are a threat in the winter. It is important for storm damaged homes and buildings to be repaired and restored immediately and RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services to help restore storm damaged homes and businesses in Eastlake and Willoughby, OH. Our technicians can stabilize the building to help contain the damage as well as repair and restore damaged structural elements.

Storm Damage Restoration Eastlake OH

House damaged by disaster.

At any time, a severe storm can develop in the Northeast Ohio region and in the winter Lake Erie can add lake effect snow which can make blizzards and ice storms potentially dangerous. The weight of heavy snow and ice can cause structural problems with homes and buildings and severe storms such as thunderstorms and tornadoes can cause significant damage to the roofing or siding. Our technicians at RestorationMaster can stabilize homes and buildings that have been severely damaged in a storm as well as repair and restore the structural damage.

Wind Damage Repair

Almost every storm that is common in Northeast Ohio normally includes strong winds which can be very dangerous for your safety as well as your home. Wind can damage the outside of a home such as the roofing, gutters, and siding and it can also blow bigger objects such as trees and utility poles onto a building to cause even more damage. Because wind is part of almost every major storm, homeowners are advised to always be prepared for the possibility of wind damage if a storm is coming.

Wind Damage Restoration in Eastlake OH

Uprooted tree fell on a house after a serious storm came through

RestorationMaster can repair damage caused by wind to homes and buildings with these steps:

  • Removal of natural debris such as trees and branches
  • Removal of non-natural debris and building materials such as siding and glass
  • Tarping and board-up services for stabilization
  • Repair of damaged structural elements

Residents and businesses owners in the Eastlake and Willoughby, OH area should always be prepared for the possibility of storm damage and if a storm unexpectedly causes damage to your home or building, contact RestorationMaster immediately for storm damage restoration services. We can help prevent further damage by stabilizing the structure as well as repair and restore the damage caused by the storm. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (440) 799-6661 to provide emergency storm damage restoration services.