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Blood Cleaning Services for Eastlake and Willoughby, OH

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Few bodily fluids are encountered as often as blood as anything from a minor cut to a major injury can involve the loss of blood.  However, blood should always be approached with caution because it is a biohazard material that may contain harmful toxins and bacteria that can spread infection and disease.  RestorationMaster provides blood cleaning services to clean up blood from crime and accident scenes in Eastlake and Willoughby, OH as well as disinfect the scene so it is safe to enter.  Our technicians have the training and equipment to safely remove blood and our cleaning products can effectively treat stains.

Reliable Blood Cleanup

RestorationMaster provides complete biohazard cleaning services to the communities of Willoughby and Eastlake, OH including our blood cleaning services which are effective for removing blood and plasma as well as other bodily fluids.  We use powerful bio wash solutions to remove blood and stains from the scene and we make sure to restore the scene to a safe condition with decontamination and odor removal.  If large, movable materials such as furniture and flooring are heavily stained, we can remove them for more efficient cleaning and replace them once the scene has been restored.  Our blood cleaning services are beneficial for the following:

  • Bio Recovery
  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Trauma Scene Cleaning
  • Death Cleaning
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Suicide/ Homicide Cleaning

The following steps are included with our blood cleaning services:

  • Decontamination: We completely remove blood, plasma, and other bodily fluids from the scene and decontaminate the entire area to prevent the spread of infection or disease.
  • Odor Removal: Our powerful deodorizers are effective for removing unpleasant odors.
  • Disposal: We take blood and other biohazard materials to a licensed facility for proper disposal.
  • Insurance Assistance: We can provide assistance with filing related insurance claims.
  • Confidential Family Assistance and Support: If the situation involves a serious injury or death, we approach the situation with compassion and work discreetly to protect your privacy. We can also put you in touch with counseling professionals if you need help coping.
  • Safe Procedures: Our cleaning procedures are safe and effective and we work in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

If you encounter blood at the scene of an injury or death, make sure to avoid contact with the blood and call RestorationMaster immediately.  We have the necessary training and equipment to safely and effectively remove blood in Eastlake and Willoughby, OH.  Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (440) 799-6661 to respond to emergency situations.