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Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care for Cordova, TN


Few furnishings are subject to as much wear and tear as the carpet or hard flooring due to daily foot traffic, especially in a commercial setting, and the best way to keep flooring and carpet well maintained is with regular professional cleanings. RestorationMaster offers professional commercial carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care services to suit all flooring types in Cordova, TN. Our staff uses the best cleaning products and equipment in the industry and we provide free estimates for all carpet cleaning and floor care services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Cordova, TN

The best way to preserve the life of a carpet in an office or commercial building is to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Our carpet cleaning services provide an effective deep clean to remove dirt, dust, and other allergens that become embedded within the fibers and cause the carpet to appear dirty or fall apart. We use the most effective cleaning products and methods of the industry to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and we offer regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services as well to keep the carpet in your office looking clean on a regular basis.

Commercial Hard Floor Care

Carpeting is not the only flooring type susceptible to wear and tear from foot traffic; hard surface floors can also be vulnerable without regular professional cleanings. The same dirt, dust, and debris that become embedded in carpet fibers can also settle in the crevices of hardwood, vinyl, and tile flooring where it can destroy seals and binders. Our staff can thoroughly clean each of these hard surface flooring types in your office or building efficiently to remove dirt and debris and increase their longevity.

Whether you are interested in a one-time cleaning service or scheduling a regular appointment for carpet cleaning or floor care services, contact RestorationMaster at (901) 410-4664. We provide commercial carpet cleaning and floor care for businesses in Cordova, TN along with a free estimate.