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Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services for Baytown, TX

Almost every home and building has sustained some form of water damage at one point or another as it is the most common type of property damage to occur.  There are a range of potential causes of water damage including heavy rain, flooding, plumbing leaks, burst pipes, and sewage backup and the excess water or moisture will spread through absorbent building materials to cause additional damage and possibly mold growth.  ServiceMaster Bay Area provides flood and water damage restoration services in Baytown, TX to contain and remove excess water as well as restore the damage.  We use the most advanced drying equipment available to thoroughly remove excess water and moisture from the structural elements and furnishings of a home or building.

Water Damage Restoration in Baytown, TXWater Damage Restoration Process

Each of our technicians at ServiceMaster Bay Area that provide water damage restoration have the highest level of training as well as the experience to handle large and small water losses in any setting.  We can effectively remove excess water and moisture from the structural elements and furnishings of a building using the best drying equipment in the industry and we will also restore the damage and take measures to prevent mold or mildew growth.  Our complete water damage restoration services include the following process:

  • Quick Assessment: We do a complete assessment of the water damage to determine the appropriate course of action and provide you with a free estimate as well as a copy of our assessment.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use the best available drying equipment in the industry to thoroughly remove excess water and moisture from the air spaces, furnishings, and structural elements of a home or building.
  • Drying: Every inch of your home or building including the corners, wall cavities, and crawl spaces will be thoroughly dried to prevent mold and widespread structural damage.
  • Deodorization: We can remove lingering musty odors commonly caused by water damage or mold growth.

Flood Damage Restoration Baytown, TXSewage Backup Cleaning

One potential cause of water damage is a sewage backup and when this occurs, the situation must be treated differently than typical water damage.  Sewage water may contain a variety of harmful materials such as human waste, bacteria, and other germs and coming into contact with the water can cause disease or infection to spread.  The certified professionals of ServiceMaster Bay Area can safely remove sewage water and restore the area to a safe condition.  We will disinfect the area with our anti-microbial applications which are effective for killing germs and bacteria and we will also remove odors left by the sewage.  It takes the right equipment and level of training to safely clean up sewage backup so make sure you call our professionals.

Water damage can become a serious problem without prompt action so do not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster Bay Area for water damage restoration in Baytown, TX.  We use the bet available equipment to remove excess water and moisture and we are also equipped to safely clean up sewage backups.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (281) 916-1699 for a free estimate for our water damage restoration services in Baytown, TX.