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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Wilmette, IL

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The carpet in a home or office is heavily used on a daily basis and as a result, it consistently gathers debris in the fibers such as dirt, dust mites, odors, and all types of microorganisms.  This dirt and debris will cause the carpet to appear worn out and even lead to adverse health reactions and despite this, the carpet is often overlooked when it comes to providing adequate cleaning.  RestorationMaster provides residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Wilmette, IL to thoroughly clean and restore all types of carpeting.  Our advanced cleaning equipment will effectively remove deeply embedded debris and stains while also restoring its original appearance.

Carpet Cleaning Process in Wilmette, IL

The technicians of RestorationMaster are highly trained and experienced to provide carpet cleaning services and we use the most advanced equipment of the industry to effectively clean all types of carpeting in commercial and residential settings.  These services begin with an evaluation of the carpet that includes taking note of the areas with the heaviest traffic and providing pre-treatment for spots and stains.  The entire carpet is then cleaned with our truck mounted equipment using the hot water extraction method.  With this method, our specially designed wand deposits a solution of hot water and cleaning agents deep into the carpet fibers and extracts the water back out along with the embedded soil.  As we clean, we will carefully move and replace your furniture and the soiled water that is extracted out of the carpet is collected in our truck mounted tank.

Carpet Cleaning

Once the hot water extraction process is complete, the carpet fibers are groomed for an improved appearance and to allow the carpet to dry quickly.  We also offer the option of Scotchgard protection which will protect your carpet from dirt and stains as well as preserve its look.  The overall appearance of your home or office can be greatly affected by a dirty or worn out carpet and the debris it gathers could end up in the breathing air and trigger allergies and infection.  We recommend professional carpet cleaning services at least once per year to remove the built up debris from your carpet to extend its life and contribute to a healthier environment.

If your carpet is affecting the appearance of your home or office in Wilmette, IL, contact RestorationMaster for our professional carpet cleaning services.  Our technicians will arrive within two hours of your scheduled cleaning and effectively clean and restore your carpet with our advanced equipment.  You can reach us at (847) 558-6604 to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment.

RestorationMaster Carpet Cleaning Services: