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Content Cleaning and Pack Out Services in Uniontown, PA


The damage caused by a disaster knows no bounds as it affects your personal items as well as your home and furnishings.  Many of your personal items such as clothing, decorative items, valuables, and others can sustain serious damage from disasters including fires, floods, and mold growth.  As many of your personal items are fragile, this damage may become irreversible without fast restoration.

However, RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack out services to thoroughly clean and deodorize affected personal items as part of our disaster restoration services in Uniontown, PA.  Our technicians are ready to effectively restore all your damaged personal items in your home. However, if your home is in poor condition, we offer packing services to transport your items to our facility for restoration.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

Facing the damage to your home is never fun, but it can include additional stress when the damage affects your personal belongings.  However, your home will be repaired while the majority of the furniture can be replaced. Specific personal items including valuables, keepsakes, and heirlooms, however, may be lost forever.  Although some of your items may seem permanently damaged, RestorationMaster may be able to restore them to their previous condition with our content cleaning and restoration services.

Our advanced cleaning products and methods will effectively clean, restore, and deodorize, for that matter, a wide range of personal content.  We will even perform these cleaning methods conveniently in your home.  However, if your home is heavily damaged and also requires restoration services, we will move your content to our facility for cleaning and storage with our pack out services.

Pack Out Services

If your home requires significant restoration work, it is best to have us transport your personal items to our facility where they can be thoroughly cleaned and restored.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster will meticulously pack-up each item while creating an inventory that includes all transported items.

Our complete packing services include the following:

  • Assessment and Inventory: We complete a thorough assessment of the damaged content and add each item that us packed up to an inventory list. A copy of the inventory is then given to your insurance provider.
  • Packing: We pack your items carefully to prevent damage during transport.
  • Content Cleaning and Restoration: Once at our facility, your content will be cleaned and restored using advanced cleaning equipment and methods. If your content is ready before your home is restored, we will keep it stored in our climate-controlled facility.

If your home is ravaged by a natural disaster, do your best to assess the damage to your home and personal belongings and contact RestorationMaster right away.  Our technicians are ready to provide content cleaning and pack outs as part of our disaster restoration services in Uniontown, PA and the surrounding areas.  We are available 24 hours a day at 888-915-8868 for emergency assistance.