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When mold growth appears at your property, you should consider it a big issue and get it taken care of right away by professionals.  It is dangerous for your health, and it can cause major damage to your home or business. RestorationMaster offers mold cleanup and remediation services to get rid of mold growth from homes and businesses in Pineville, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Mold growth can cause:

  • Major damage to various surfaces
  • Discoloration of materials
  • Bad quality of air indoors that can be unhealthy
  • Musty odors
  • Issues with respiratory infections and allergies
  • Damage to the structure
  • Permanent damage to clothing and furniture
  • Permanent damage to your home or business



Why Do I Have Mold?

Mold can happen anywhere and at any time. However, with increased moisture, it is even easier for it to form. When it comes to wet conditions such as water damage, mold grows much quicker on certain surfaces such as wood and drywall as they will give mold a great food source.

If you are dealing with mold growth at your home or business, you should make sure that it is taken care of right away. Not only can it cause structural damage to your property, but it can also cause health issues for you or your pets.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold spreads easily and very quickly. You should never try to clean black mold yourself as you run the risk of spreading it further and causing more damage. You should always call the professionals to deal with this issue.

Mold forms in areas that are moist and dark. Usually, it is caused by water damage that is not noticed right away. You should always try to take care of any mold issues right away so that no further damage is caused to your home or property. The best and quickest way to get rid of mold is by letting professionals treat it properly.

Professional Mold Damage Restoration

The staff at RestorationMaster is highly trained and certified to handle mold growth in homes and businesses in Pineville, NC. We will assess the mold growth and make sure that we treat it, so it does not spread further and cause additional damage. We use hi-tech drying and cleaning products and methods to ensure the mold is removed and your possessions are restored.

If you suspect mold at your home or business in Pineville, NC, do not hesitate to reach out to RestorationMaster right away so that we can send our technicians to do mold remediation and removal.

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