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Disaster Restoration Services in Matthews, NC

First Restoration America

(980) 888-8456

First Restoration America is a disaster restoration company offering fire and water damage restoration, as well as mold cleanup services for residences and businesses in Matthews, North Carolina. With over 30 years of expertise, we provide top-notch disaster restoration services to those affected by disasters. Our technicians are prepared to handle any emergency situation and are available 24/7 to begin minimizing and repairing the damage.

Our disaster restoration services in Matthews, NC include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage cleanup
  • Structural drying/dehumidification
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Mold cleanup
  • Reconstruction
  • property damage restoration

Each of our technicians at First Restoration America has received extensive training and is IICRC certified and insured to provide the highest quality disaster restoration services in Matthews, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Water Damage Restoration in Matthews, NC

Experiencing water damage in your home or building is nearly inevitable because of the numerous possible sources. Water damage can be caused by heavy rain, flooding, appliance leaks, or even burst pipes. If you are faced with standing water or even just a small leak, the water can cause significant damage to your property. As the water becomes absorbed by porous building materials and furnishings, they will experience discoloration, rotting, warping, and mold growth. At First Restoration America, we will remove the water, dry the property, and restore any affected areas to get your property back to its original condition.

Mold Cleanup in Matthews, NC

The appearance of mold in your property is always a threat as it can cause serious damage to the property and to the health of the inhabitants. Mold thrives in dark, moist, and cold areas such as bathrooms, basements, and attics and feeds on organic materials and moisture. Common building materials contain cellulose which is an organic material that promotes mold growth. If the mold is not removed in time, it will spread and cause significant damage to the affected areas and pose health concerns. At First Restoration America, we provide homes and buildings in Matthews, NC with mold cleaning services. Our professionals use specialized equipment to find and thoroughly remove all mold growth and repair the resulting damage.

Reconstruction in Matthews, NC

Homes and buildings can be exposed to major damage from disasters such as fires, storms, mold growth, and flooding. The result of these disasters can be detrimental to the exterior or structural core of the home or building, making it impossible to repair with restoration services. This extent of damage needs to be secured with full construction services to be repaired. At First Restoration America, we rebuild and repair homes and commercial buildings that have experienced major damage in the Matthews, NC area. We will carefully inspect the damage and create a complete restoration plan to get the property repaired as soon as possible.

Structural Drying and Dehumidification in Matthews, NC

Any amount of excess water in your home or building can lead to serious issues such as property damage and mold growth. Porous materials such as drywall, wood, carpeting, insulation, and furnishings will absorb the water and moisture and leave them compromised. They will be exposed to rotting, warping, discoloration, and mold growth. Once water damage occurs, it is crucial to ensure that the affected areas and materials are completely dried to prevent issues in the future. First Restoration America provides structural drying and dehumidification in Matthews, NC to dry and restore homes and buildings affected by water damage.

Sewage Cleanup in Matthews, NC

Water damage alone has the potential to cause major harm to your property, but the presence of sewage in the water escalates the situation even more. Homes and buildings can be affected by sewage when sewage backups occur, or the property is flooded with already contaminated water. The sewage water can cause serious damage to the property as the sewage waste will be absorbed by affected materials and the harmful toxins in the sewage pose a serious health threat to the inhabitants. First Restoration America provides sewage cleanup services in Matthews, NC to remove water contaminated with sewage. We will safely remove the sewage waste and affected materials as well as clean and disinfect to restore safe conditions.

Frozen Pipe Restoration in Matthews, NC

If a pipe freezes within a property, it is only a matter of minutes until the pipe bursts and causes water to flood the property. A burst pipe can cause gallons of water to spill into the property and cause extensive water damage. When the pipe bursts, the water must get shut off within the property and a water damage restoration professional must be contacted. First Restoration America provides frozen pipe restoration to help with water damage caused by burst pipes in Matthews, NC. We will contain and extract the excess water as well as dry and restore the affected areas and materials.

Fire Damage Restoration – Matthews, NC

When a fire occurs within a home or building, it leaves severe damage in its wake.  The fire can quickly cause severe structural damage and leftover smoke and soot will continue to spread and damage the property after the fire.  You need to call a restoration professional immediately after the fire to limit the damage and start the restoration process.  First Restoration America provides fire damage restoration services in Matthews, NC to help homes and businesses damaged by a fire.  Our technicians will completely restore the damage caused by the fire, smoke, and soot to restore your property to its pre-fire condition.

Smoke and Soot Damage Cleaning – Matthews, NC

In most cases involving a fire, the majority of the damage is caused by smoke and soot.  As materials are burned in a fire, corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot are created and they will still be present on the property after the fire.  Smoke and soot cause tarnishing and etching to the affected materials and it takes professional cleaning to ensure that this damage does not become permanent.  First Restoration America provides smoke and soot damage cleaning services in Matthews, NC to effectively clean materials affected by smoke and soot.  We can fully restore soot and smoke damage using advanced cleaning methods and remove smoke odors with deodorization equipment.

Contact Us For Emergency Restoration Services in Matthews, NC

In the face of extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flash floods, burst pipes, or mold outbreaks, our restoration professionals stand ready to assist you. We are dedicated to disaster preparedness and will be there for you when you need us most. Call First Restoration America today at (980) 888-8456 to respond to emergencies with our disaster restoration services in Matthews, NC.

IICRC certified restoration company charlotte nc

Free Estimate

As an integral part of our restoration plan, we offer free estimates to our clients. We understand the importance of having a clear understanding of the scope of work and associated costs, especially during challenging times. Our goal is to provide transparency and alleviate any concerns you may have by offering upfront pricing without any obligation. This allows you to make informed decisions about the restoration process and ensures that there are no surprises along the way.

We Work with All Kinds of Insurance

Our company works with all types of insurance to make the restoration process easier for you. Whether you have homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or commercial property insurance, we’re here to help. We understand insurance policies and work with adjusters to process your claim smoothly. Our goal is to take the stress out of dealing with insurance paperwork so you can focus on restoring your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you a true full-service contractor?

First Restoration America is a full-service disaster restoration company. We handle all aspects of the restoration process from initial assessment and  mitigation to restoration and reconstruction.

Q. What is the response time for water damage or fire damage emergencies?

First Restoration America guarantees rapid response time and our experts will be there at your location in less than an hour.

Q. Which areas and locations do you serve?

We provide disaster restoration services in Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Gaston County, Lancaster County, Chester County, York County, Union County, Stanly County, NC.

Q. How long has First Restoration America been Serving in Charlotte, NC?

First Restoration America is proudly serving restoration services in Charlotte and Nearby Areas Since 2010.

Q. Do you provide commercial restoration services?

We provide commercial restoration services. Our team is equipped to handle various disaster restoration jobs, ensuring minimal downtime for your business operations.

Q. Do your provide home restoration services?

From water extraction and drying to mold remediation and rebuilding damaged structures, we handle every aspect of the home restoration with precision and care.

Recent Reviews

Dan Davoli

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I’m thrilled with the work done by First Restoration. The crew was punctual, professional, clean, and the project started and ended when they said it would! The price for my remodel was very competitive, and there were no “surprises” along the way. Within 2 days of the project being completed, I received a call from the owner of the company asking if I needed anything else, and if I was satisfied. I appreciated the personal touch and desire to ensure I was satisfied with their work product. 5 stars!"

Kevin Norton

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"First restoration was great. I had a leak from an upstairs washer. Keith answered my call right away. Employees arrived a few hours after my call and set up the fans and dehumidifier. First restoration was great and would strongly recommend them in the future."

Judy Hudson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Fortified with a sense of humor, First Restoration was able to come into my home during some really tough times. They not only helped me when I needed them most following Hurricane Matthew but were also reliable and honest about their work- completed in timely manner too! Plus they have this great attitude that makes you want them on every project from hereon out... I would highly recommend using these guys if anyone wants an excellent restoration service done right”

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