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Fire Damage Restoration in Matthews, NC

First Restoration America

(980) 888-8456

Fires can cause major damage to your home or business. After a fire, the building can be unsafe for use as there can be structural damage, and leftover smoke and soot can be harmful to your health. It is always best to call a professional fire restoration company right after the fire has been put out so they can start restoring the damage.

First Restoration America offers fire damage restoration services to homes and businesses that have experienced damage from a fire in Matthews, NC. Our highly skilled technicians help homes and businesses clean up the effects of smoke and soot and rebuild and restore any fire-damaged property back to its original state.

Damage from Fire and Smoke

fire damage cleanup matthews nc

Fires can create costly damage to property. This is because flames can burn everything in their path as well as make the building of your home or business unstable due to structural damage. Finally, smoke and soot can spread quickly and make it unsafe for inhabiting as these corrosive byproducts can harm your health. Smoke can leave an oily residue while soot can settle throughout the property and cause further damage.

It is important to call our professionals at First Restoration America to limit the damage and begin the restoration process immediately after a fire.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Matthews, NC

Our highly skilled technicians at First Restoration America can help you with any type of fire damage. We will arrive as soon as you call us to stabilize the home and clean all the materials that have been damaged by smoke and soot. Our restoration process includes restoring damaged materials and removing smoke and soot damage as well as rebuilding major structural damage.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

  • Stabilization and repair: Your property will be boarded up and stabilized and we will create and implement a reconstruction plan.
  • Water damage restorationWe extract any standing water that was used to clean out the fire and is floating inside the property.
  • Smoke and soot cleaning: Our highly skilled technicians will use hi-tech cleaning products and methods to remove smoke and soot.
  • Smoke odor removal: We use specialized cleaners to purify the air and get rid of all smoke odors from various materials and furnishings.
  • Content pack-out and storage:  We will take any of your damaged personal items to our facility for cleaning and storage.

Smoke Damage Cleanup in Matthews, NC

When it comes to cleaning up smoke damage, we rely on a variety of tools to get the job done effectively. Our arsenal includes ozone generators, which help eliminate smoke odors by breaking down odor-causing molecules. Air scrubbers are invaluable for removing smoke particles from the air, while HEPA vacuums ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of soot and debris. Additionally, we use thermal foggers to disperse deodorizing agents that neutralize smoke odors, leaving your property smelling fresh and clean. With these tools at our disposal, we’re able to tackle smoke damage cleanup with precision and efficiency

Call us for  Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair in Matthews, NC

If you experience a fire at your property, make sure to call the First Restoration America as soon as the fire has been put out. Our highly trained professional technicians will make sure to work on a restoration plan that includes cleaning, repairs, reconstruction, and removing odors.

Call us at (980) 888-8456 for your emergency fire damage restoration services in Matthews, NC.

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Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

Q. Who is liable for fire damage?

Liability for fire damage varies based on the situation. Those responsible for causing the fire, like negligent property owners or faulty product manufacturers, may be held liable.

Q. How long will fire damage cleanup take?

The timeline for this varies. Everything depends on the size of the building, and the extent of damage that has happened to the building structures and belongings.

Q. Can I inspect my house after fire?

Your house is not safe to re-inter. You need to wait until your house is restored and is not affected by either smoke or soot residue,. Once our fire damage restoration experts gives a green flag, then you are allowed to enter the damaged space.

Recent Reviews

Dan Davoli

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I’m thrilled with the work done by First Restoration. The crew was punctual, professional, clean, and the project started and ended when they said it would! The price for my remodel was very competitive, and there were no “surprises” along the way. Within 2 days of the project being completed, I received a call from the owner of the company asking if I needed anything else, and if I was satisfied. I appreciated the personal touch and desire to ensure I was satisfied with their work product. 5 stars!"

Kevin Norton

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"First restoration was great. I had a leak from an upstairs washer. Keith answered my call right away. Employees arrived a few hours after my call and set up the fans and dehumidifier. First restoration was great and would strongly recommend them in the future."

Judy Hudson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Fortified with a sense of humor, First Restoration was able to come into my home during some really tough times. They not only helped me when I needed them most following Hurricane Matthew but were also reliable and honest about their work- completed in timely manner too! Plus they have this great attitude that makes you want them on every project from hereon out... I would highly recommend using these guys if anyone wants an excellent restoration service done right”

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