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Post Construction Cleaning Services for Orange City and Sioux Center, IA

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Construction projects create mixed feelings for homeowners and business owners.  These projects typically occur to address a pressing need such as a repair, remodel, or new addition, but going through the process is highly inconvenient.  In homes, a construction project can force you to stay out of certain areas until the project is done and for businesses, construction can put certain operations on hold.  The completion of the construction project is always a relief, but rarely is the area ready to use after the project is finished.  It helps to have a professional clean the jobsite after completion to ensure that it is safe for use.

RestorationMaster in Orange City and Sioux Center, IA area

RestorationMaster provides post construction cleaning services for homes and businesses in the Orange City and Sioux Center, IA area.  Our technicians will thoroughly clean construction sites of recently completed projects to remove leftover materials, dust, and other hazards.

Trusted Post Construction Cleaning

One of the biggest inconveniences of a construction project taking place on your property is the amount of dust it creates.  This dust often spreads beyond the jobsite and can even get caught up in the HVAC system which will lead to damage.  Construction crews also track dirt through the home or building which can add to the mess, and they typically leave behind dangerous debris such as nails, screws, bits of sheetrock, and other materials.  These leftover materials make it dangerous for anyone to walk through the area without wearing sturdy shoes.

The technicians of RestorationMaster will ensure that these newly constructed areas are safe to use by removing leftover debris and cleaning up dust and dirt.  We always work in compliance with local building codes and insurance requirements when providing post construction cleaning.

You can expect the following from our post construction cleaning services:

  • Removal of dust and dirt
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning of interior glass
  • Restroom fixture cleaning and polishing
  • Mopping of hard surface floors
  • Dusting of air diffusers, window sills, and molding
  • Wall cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Paint overspray cleaning

We begin these services with a thorough assessment of the jobsite in order to create an effective cleaning plan.  We will then assign a field supervisor to your project and keep your insurance company informed about our cleaning plan.

If a construction project has recently finished up on your property in the Orange City and Sioux Center, IA area, contact RestorationMaster for post construction cleaning.  We will make sure your newly constructed area is clean and safe to begin using.  You can reach us any time at (712) 522-2321 for more about these services.