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Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Services for Orange City and Sioux Center, IA

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It is easy to forget that in carpeted areas, the carpet itself plays a large role in the design of the room.  It is also easy to forget that carpeting in residential and commercial settings gets dirty very quickly which can affect the appearance of the space and condition of the carpet.  Dirt, dust, and other debris are constantly pushed deep down in the carpet fibers by consistent foot traffic, and excessive buildup of this debris can cause the carpet color to dull and the fibers to deteriorate.  While regular vacuuming can reduce the debris buildup, it will not remove the deepest embedded debris from the carpet fibers.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Northwest Iowa Area

RestorationMaster provides commercial and residential cleaning services in the Orange City and Sioux Center, IA area.  Our technicians use advanced methods and cleaning equipment to fully remove stains and deeply embedded debris from any carpeting type.  The hot water extraction method that we use will not only restore the original look of your carpet, but also dry within 24 hours so your carpeting can be used again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether in a home or commercial space, it is highly beneficial to have clean carpeting.  The dirt, dust, and pollen that builds up within the carpet fibers can have detrimental effects to both the carpet, and the cleanliness of the space.  Excessive debris buildup not only causes the carpet to look dirty and worn out, but it also causes the entire room or office to look like it is poorly maintained.  This can especially be a concern for businesses as people may get a negative impression of your company if your office or building seems dirty.

Debris buildup in the carpet can also affect the breathing air as the debris may get kicked up in the air by foot traffic.  This increases the risk of allergies and breathing issues for those within the home or building.  By having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you can maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your home or office, and contribute to a healthier environment.  Professional carpet cleaning services will also extend the life of your carpet by restoring it to its original condition.

Carpet Cleaning Method

At RestorationMaster, we can remove stains and embedded debris from all carpet types using the best cleaning products available and the hot water extraction method.  With the hot water extraction method, a solution of hot water and detergent is applied to the carpet fibers to dislodge debris that has become embedded deep down.  The cleaning solution is then lifted back out of the carpet fibers, taking the dirt and debris with it.  This cleaning method has a fast drying time and it will not leave residue behind on your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services consist of the following:

  • Complete evaluation of the entire carpet
  • Spot and stain pre-treatment
  • Cleaning of the carpet with the hot water extraction method
  • Spot and stain post-treatment
  • Grooming of the fibers to help the drying process and improve appearance
  • Pads are put under furniture legs to protect the carpet as it dries
  • Final evaluation with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the results

We generally recommend that homeowners have their carpet cleaned once per year, but businesses need carpet cleanings more often because of the higher volume of foot traffic.  We offer businesses in the Orange City and Sioux Center, IA area regularly scheduled carpet cleanings to provide consistent cleaning and maintenance.  Our regular cleanings will keep the carpeting in your business looking like new, and help it last longer to save you the cost of replacing the carpet.

If you would like professional carpet cleaning services for your home or office in Orange City or Sioux Center, IA, contact RestorationMaster at (712) 522-2321 to learn more about these services or to schedule an appointment.