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Hoarding Cleaning in Ogden, IL


Most people are familiar with the behaviors associated with hoarding, but few understand that hoarding is actually a mental disorder.  Those affected do not hoard items in their home because they are messy or lazy, but because they are affected by depression and anxiety that makes it difficult to make the decision to throw items away.  Because of this, clutter can grow within the home to dangerous levels, putting the affected individual’s health and safety at risk.  Homes affected by hoarding need to be cleaned out to restore safe living conditions, but only with the approval of the affected individual.

ServiceMaster of Salt Lake provides hoarding cleaning services in Ogden, UT to help clean and restore homes affected by hoarding.  Our technicians are equipped to handle large scale hoarding cleaning to remove unwanted clutter and fully clean and restore the home.  We also understand that hoarding cleaning should be done in cooperation with the affected individual and we make sure to work directly with them at every step.

Dangers of HoardingHoarding-Cleanup-Services-in-Ogden-UT

The accumulation of hoarded items creates a dangerous environment within the home.  As the clutter grows, it may block doorways and exits, increase the risk of injuries from tripping or falling items, and increase the risk of a fire.  It is also possible for mold, bacteria, and other dangerous substances to form within the clutter which can affect the health of those within the home.

When someone you know is affected by hoarding, you cannot force them to clean out their home.  You must instead help them realize the danger of the situation, so they agree to have their home cleaned.  Only with their approval should you move forward with the process.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

Our technicians will arrive to the home equipped to handle the removal of hoarded items as well as the cleaning and disinfection of the home.  We also understand the importance of keeping the affected individual involved throughout the process.  We will work with them directly to make sure we have their approval before anything is removed from the home and we will help them decided what should be kept or thrown away.

We use advanced cleaning equipment and products to clean and restore the home and the items that are kept.  We are also prepared to deal with biohazard materials such as mold and bacteria.  You can expect our technicians to carry out the cleaning within the rules and regulations of the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation.

Our hoarding cleaning services consist of the following steps:

  • Decluttering: We will work with the affected individual to remove unwanted clutter from the home.
  • Decontamination: Once the unwanted items are removed, we fully clean and disinfect the home.
  • Odor removal: We use advanced deodorization methods to remove lingering odors.
  • Disposal: We will ensure all unwanted items are properly disposed of, recycled, or donated.

It is important to reach out to a loved one struggling with hoarding so that they are no longer living in a dangerous situation.  If your friend or loved one is ready to clean their home, give our professionals at ServiceMaster of Salt Lake a call.  You can trust us to work with the affected individual to effectively clean out the home and treat them with compassion and respect. 

If you know someone affected by hoarding in Ogden, UT, call ServiceMaster of Salt Lake at (801) 854-7884 for professional hoarding cleaning.

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