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Fire Damage Restoration – Orem, UT

Fires are terrifying disasters because they happen so quickly and rip through homes and buildings, causing immense damage in the process.  Putting out the fire does not stop the damage as the corrosive byproducts created by the fire such as smoke and soot will still be lingering throughout the property.  These materials will spread to areas beyond those affected by the fire and cause discoloration and etching of the affected materials.  It is important to start the restoration as soon as possible after the fire is out to help limit the spread of the damage and prevent permanent damage.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services to cleanup and restore homes and commercial buildings damaged by fire in Orem, UT.  Our technicians will arrive quickly to contain the damage and reverse the effects of smoke and soot.

Water Damage Restoration – Orem, UT

Water damage is the most common type of property damage because water is so intrusive, and it can cause serious issues over time.  Excess water typically gets into a home or building due to heavy rain, flooding, leaks, broken appliances, pipe bursts, and backups and it spreads by getting absorbed in porous building materials.  Building materials and furnishings affected by water may become warped, discolored, or structurally weak and they are at risk for experiencing mold growth.  At RestorationMaster, we can remove excess water from affected homes and businesses in Orem, UT with our water damage restoration services.  Our technicians use advanced extraction and drying equipment to remove the water and thoroughly dry affected materials.

Mold Remediation – Orem, UT

Mold growth is one of the last things you want to find in your home or building because it can spread to cause damage over a large part of your property and cause serious health effects over time.  Mold generally appears as a result of water damage because its spores need moisture to take hold, and it feeds on the organic matter in materials such as drywall and wood.  As the mold eats away at these surfaces, they become weakened which makes them vulnerable to structural damage.  Exposure to the mold spores can trigger allergic reactions that will develop into more serious complications over a longer period.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services to help locate and remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings in Orem, UT.  We use advanced techniques to completely remove mold growth and help protect your property from future mold problems.

Hoarding Cleaning – Orem, UT

Hoarding is a complex issue that must be handled with a sense of compassion and respect for the affected individual.  Those affected by hoarding are suffering from a mental disorder rooted in anxiety and depression which makes it difficult for them to get rid of anything they have in their homes.  As the clutter builds, the risk of fire, injuries, and dangerous unsanitary conditions rises considerably.  It is very important to approach a hoarder delicately to help them understand the need to clean out their home.  At RestorationMaster, we can help those affected by hoarding in Orem, UT with our hoarding cleaning services.  We make sure to take a respectful approach to the affected individual and involve them in every step of the process to clean out and restore their home to safe living conditions.

Carpet Cleaning – Orem, UT

Many people may not realize that the carpeting in a room or office has a major effect on the way that visitors perceive the space.  A dirty or damaged carpet will put off a bad impression while a clean and vibrant carpet will make the room look clean and well maintained.  It can be difficult to keep carpets consistently clean because they are constantly gathering dirt and debris from the foot traffic.  This debris settles deep in the carpet fibers and can result in discoloration and damage.  RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services in Orem, UT to effectively clean and restore carpeting in residential and commercial settings.  We use the industry standard hot water extraction method to remove debris that has built up deep in the fibers.

Upholstery Cleaning – Orem, UT

The furniture is an important feature in any setting, including homes and offices, because it contributes to the décor and comfort of the space.  If the furniture becomes dirty or worn out, it can have a negative impact on the appearance of a room or office.  Upholstery fabric becomes dirty from daily use and the dirt and debris that gathers in the fabric can become abrasive against the surface, causing the upholstery to wear out.  At RestorationMaster, we provide upholstery cleaning services for homes and businesses in Orem, UT to clean and restore the upholstery of your furniture.  We will remove embedded debris and stains to improve the appearance and extend the life of your furniture.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection – Orem, UT

It is important to keep your office or commercial building clean for the appearance and comfort of the space and to protect the health of customers, visitors, and employees.  It is very easy for infectious illnesses such as the cold, flu, and coronavirus to spread in commercial buildings and effective cleaning and sanitization can help prevent their spread.  At RestorationMaster, we provide commercial cleaning and disinfection services for offices and commercial buildings in Orem, UT.  We use the best cleaning products and disinfectants available to clean and sanitize the space, including high touch point objects and areas.