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Hoarding Cleanup in Middletown, NY

Best Option Restoration of Tri-State 

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Many individuals throughout the U.S. are affected by hoarding disorder. The behaviors that are commonly associated with hoarding are the result of deeply rooted anxiety and depression which is why hoarding is considered a mental disorder. Because of the anxiety and depression, those affected have a difficult time removing anything from their home which leads to a dangerous amount of clutter that can threaten their health and safety. It is important to clean and restore the homes of hoarders, but this is not a job that can be taken lightly. The affected individual must make the decision to clean out their home and be involved in the cleaning process. If you or a loved one is affected by hoarding and you have decided to take the leap in restoring safe living conditions in your home, call our professionals for help.

Hoarding Cleanup in Middletown, NY

Hoarding Cleanup in Middletown, NY

At BOR of Tri-State, we provide hoarding cleaning services in Middletown, NY to help those affected by hoarding clean their homes and restore safe living conditions. We will treat the individual with compassion and respect as we involve them in the process to remove unwanted items from the home. Once all of the unwanted items are removed, we will clean and disinfect the property to restore safe living conditions.

Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding ultimately creates unsafe living conditions in the home. As items accumulate, the excessive clutter blocks exits and pathways which increases the risk of fire and allows mold and bacteria to grow. These conditions pose a threat to the health and safety of everyone within the home, including the affected individual and their family.

Hoarding is a mental disorder, so going into the home and removing things is not appropriate. Instead, a trusted individual should talk to the affected person to discuss the situation and help them understand the danger of their living conditions. If they agree to move forward with the cleaning process, then it is time to proceed.

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Call BOR of Tri-State Restoration at (973) 306-0963 to get an estimate for professional hoarding cleanup and estate cleaning in Middletown, NY.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Middletown, NY

If and when the individual is ready to clean out their home, contact the professionals at BOR of Tri-State to assist. Our technicians will first meet with the affected individual to gain their trust and respect before entering their home. We will then work with them to create a cleaning plan and keep them involved through every step of the process. We will not remove anything from the home unless the affected individual approves.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Middletown, NY

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Middletown, NY

Our Hoarding Cleaning Services include the following:

  • Clutter removal: We will remove unwanted items and clutter from the home with the approval of the affected individual.
  • Decontamination: The home will be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated to remove dangerous materials and restore safe living conditions.
  • Odor Removal: We will use our professional deodorization processes to eliminate pesky odors.
  • Follow Up: We will follow up with the individual to ensure their home is kept clean after the cleaning process.

Contact BOR of Tri-State for Hoarding Cleanup in Middletown, NY

If you have a friend or family member that struggles with hoarding, talk to them about their situation and help them realize the danger of their living conditions. When they are ready to clean out their home, you can call our professionals at BOR of Tri-State at (973) 306-0963 for a free hoarding cleanup estimate in Middletown, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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Review by Roxana Escobar

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"We contacted B.O.R. to help us with Mold that we discovered in our basement bathroom. Nicole got back to me the same day and arranged for the team to come onsite in order to assess the situation and provide an estimate by EOD. Once I agreed to the estimate, they scheduled my work within several days. I really appreciated the team’s constant communication, from overall mold remediation knowledge to providing regular updates each day they were performing the work. The team did an exceptional job treating the mold and even identified a major area that was hidden behind one of the walls. I was also very pleased with the demolition work they performed. I would use them again without hesitation if needed and would recommend them to anyone."

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