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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ


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RestorationMaster offers disaster restoration and cleaning services to homes and businesses in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians have been trained and certified to provide you with top-notch services after you’ve experienced a disaster. We are available 24/7 to help you restore your property no matter the extent of the damage.

The owners at RestorationMaster built their business based on their passion of wanting to help others. Our team is highly experienced and ready to provide quality restoration work as well as an excellent customer service experience. Regardless of what the damage may be after a disaster, RestorationMaster can help get your property back on track.

Our disaster restoration and cleaning services include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Biohazard and crime scene cleaning
  • Hoarding cleaning

We employ technicians who have been trained and IICRC certified and will follow all IICRC and  s500 standards. You can rest assured that we will restore your property after a disaster and work with your insurance to make sure your claim gets processed on time.

RestorationMaster is at your service 24/7 at (973) 306-0963. We will make sure to respond quicky to your disaster restoration needs in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Water Damage Restoration – Franklin Lakes, NJ

When you experience water damage at your home or business, it can be devastating. Whether it is caused by a leak, a flood, or a sewage backup, it is important to react right away and get it remediated. If your belongings and porous building materials absorb a lot of water, they can get tarnished, warped, and corroded and even permanently damaged. Therefore, it is crucial to react right away and call RestorationMaster. We offer water damage restoration in Franklin Lakes, NJ so that homes and businesses affected by water damage can be cleaned, dried, and restored.

Fire Damage Restoration – Franklin Lakes, NJ

When you experience a fire at your home or business, it can be very stressful. The flames of a fire will burn everything that comes in their path, and the leftover smoke and soot and its byproducts can cause further damage. Therefore, after the fire has been put out, you should call RestorationMaster right away. We provide fire damage restoration services in Franklin Lakes, NJ and the surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians will make sure to stabilize your building and clean and restore your property after a fire.

Mold Remediation – Franklin Park, NJ

Experiencing mold growth at your home or business should warrant a call to a professional mold remediation company. Mold growth can spread quickly if it has enough moisture and mold colonies form on surfaces that provide it with a food source. It is important to get rid of the moisture source so that you can stop the spread of mold at your property. Most importantly, stopping the spread of mold will prevent further damage. Call RestorationMaster as we can offer you mold remediation services in Franklin Park, NJ. Our technicians are skilled and use the proper equipment and methods to remove all mold growth.


hoarding-cleanup-franklin-lakes-njHoarding Cleanup – Franklin Park, NJ

There are millions of people in the U.S. who have been affected by hoarding. Hoarding is classified as a mental disorder that causes depression and anxiety. It also causes the affected individual to be unable to get rid of any belongings. Because of this, items accumulate into large piles of clutter and the affected individual may not be able to move freely around their home. The large piles of clutter can become a fire hazard and a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Therefore, it is very important for friends and family to speak to the affected individual and help them understand why it is unsafe for them to live in a cluttered home. Only when the individual agrees to professional clean-up should you call RestorationMaster for our hoarding cleaning services in Franklin Park, NJ. We help clear out clutter and restore the property back to its original state.

Contact RestorationMaster for Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Franklin Park, NJ

RestorationMaster is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your restoration service needs. We always treat all our customers with professionalism and respect. Call RestorationMaster today at (973) 306-0963 for your Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Franklin Park, NJ.