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Mold Remediation in Middletown, NY


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The appearance of mold on your property can cause alarm as the longer it stays, the more it spreads. The spread of mold will occur as organic building materials such as wood, drywall, and carpeting will feed the mold, and it could potentially cause serious damage to the integrity of the building. Not only does the mold cause damage to the property, but it also poses a risk to the health of the inhabitants.


RestorationMaster provides complete mold remediation services to homes and businesses in Middletown, NY, and the surrounding areas. Our professionals are trained and certified to safely remove the mold using our advanced equipment and cleaning products. After we completely remove the mold, we will take measures to help prevent the mold from returning.

Signs of Mold Growth

Most cases of mold are easy to point out, but in some cases, the mold can be growing behind a wall or ceiling. There are a few signs to look out for that usually indicate hidden mold. This includes musty odors, wet or bubbling drywall, peeling wallpaper, and residents experiencing allergic reactions.

In addition to causing serious damage to the property, mold can impose a huge threat to your health as well. Allergic reactions such as trouble breathing, nasal congestion, chest tightness, headaches, and skin or eye irritation can be direct causes of mold exposure. Mold exposure is likely to irritate asthma and lead to more serious health issues such as respiratory infections.

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Locating the Mold Source

Mold tends to thrive in moist, dark, and cold environments which means any moisture issues should be located and fixed right away. Even if the mold is removed, it is likely to appear again if the moisture is not addressed. Our professionals at RestorationMaster will locate and fix the moisture at its source and assess the water or mold damage that has occurred as a result. We will create a restoration plan to get the property back to its original state.

Assessment of Mold Removal


Spores are sneaky home invaders. These spores can be found in many places, such as old appliances and carpets. If you notice mold on your property, you should contact a professional restoration company like Best Option Restoration to perform an assessment.

Smell bad odors or a musty or moldy odor

Most people do not realize that the most common reason for moisture intrusion and mold growth is the simplest – poor ventilation. Most homes have a dehumidifier or may have an air conditioner, but rarely have proper ventilation systems installed. We suggest replacing standard windows with energy-efficient windows along with adding a whole house fan system.

A Plumbing Leak

The most common cause of mold in bathrooms is a plumbing leak, and it’s easy to fix. If you have water damage from a leak, call to schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience. Our technicians will go over your bathroom and help determine if there’s anything that needs fixing before we even begin the cleanup process.

Basement flood cleanup

After a flood, mold can grow on basement walls, inside wall cavities, floor surfaces, and other places. Mold can also grow behind drywall, under carpeting, and in any hidden place in your home.

Exposure to toxic black mold

When you’re suffering from mysterious health issues and your doctors can’t figure out the cause, toxic black mold might be the culprit. If your doctor suspects that it might be the source of your health woes, call us to conduct an inspection right away.

Buying a property

When buying or selling a home, it’s always advisable to have a professional mold assessment done ahead of time. As a buyer, this helps protect you from moving into a home that could pose a threat to your family’s health. As a seller, fixing the issue prevents the new owners from saddling you with expensive repair costs.

Mold Remediation by RestorationMaster

RestorationMaster has the expertise, equipment, and chemicals, as well as a team of certified professionals that can effectively indicate the source of mildew and the affected areas, then remove and replace the damage right away. We are available for assistance and questions for our clients during and even after the project finishes.

Our mold remediation process consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1 -Development of the mold removal plan
  • Step 2 – Identifying mold in the affected area and limiting mold growth
  • Step 3 – Comprehensive mold removal using the latest cleaning technologies and equipment
  • Step 4 – Documentation of the report and working with homeowners’ insurance

Contact Us for Professional Mold Remediation in Middletown, NY

Our team provides complete mold removal from homes and businesses in Middletown, NY by using our specialized techniques, cleaning products, and equipment. We will locate the mold at its source and remove all of the growth from your property. In effort to prevent the spread of mold, we will isolate the affected areas and restore them.

RestorationMaster wants to protect the health and safety of your family as well as your home. Call us immediately when you discover mold in your home or business. We will completely remove the mold growth while following CDC, EPA, and AIHA standards. Call us at (973) 306-0963 for a free quote on mold remediation services in Middletown, NY.

Recent Reviews About Our Mold Remediation Services:

Review by Jason Hamlet

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Juan and his team provided exceptional service with removing mold from our basement. He was very informative and explained the process from start to finish. I was very pleased with his quick response to my call and his arrival. This is the go to company! Definitely will recommend to family and friends.”

Review by Roberto De Jesus

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“I called Best Option Restoration of TriState because of a mold in my basement from a previous flood. Their team was friendly and fast acting. They did an assessment and put together a proper remediation plan for me. Juan and Tim were honest, fair, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. I believe Juan and Tim are both IICRC certified and are licensed to do mold as contractors in the NY, NJ area.”

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