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Water Damage Restoration from Montauk to Manhattan, NY

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Residential and commercial buildings in Long Island, NY, are exposed to a number of conditions that can lead to water damage. For example, powerful nor’easters can cause substantial leaks, while bitterly-cold blizzards can result in frozen and burst pipes. No matter the source of the water, we can return your property to its original condition here at RestorationMaster. Our three-phase structural drying and restoration process ensures that all water and moisture is removed, and any damaged materials or belongings are repaired. From Montauk to Manhattan, NY, we have you covered.

An Emergency Water Damage Restoration Response is Key

In cases of water damage, you cannot react quickly enough. The more time water has to seep into porous materials and spread, the greater the level of damage will be. Woodwork, insulation, drywall, and certain types of flooring are all susceptible to water damage and can even become structurally unsound. Discoloration, deterioration, and permanent damage are also concerns for these areas and common belongings (such as furnishings and electronics). In many cases, excess moisture can lead to mold growth, which presents unique difficulties of its own (damage, health effects, etc.). By addressing excess water swiftly, the damage and risks of long-term effects will be limited.

Our Three-Phase Flood Damage Restoration Approach

At RestorationMaster, we employ a three-phase approach through our water damage restoration services. This approach is designed to remove all excess water and moisture from your property, prevent additional damage and mold growth, and result in completely repaired areas and items. The process goes as follows:

Emergency Extraction and Structural Drying: We begin by assessing the condition of your flooring and other structural elements. If they can be salvaged, we will swiftly and effectively extract water and test the levels of moisture. We will then set up our professional-grade dehumidification equipment and air movers to dry affected areas. This structural drying process may need to be repeated several times, but it will be carried out until affected areas are thoroughly dried.

Reinstallation and Cleaning: Through the drying phase, we will likely have relocated certain materials and belongings (such as carpeting and furniture). We will reinstall these elements and provide sanitization and deodorization services. We do everything possible to restore them to their original condition.

Structural Repairs: Once the drying and cleaning phases have been completed, we will inspect affected areas for structural damage. If your flooring, ceiling, walls, or similar building components are in need of repair, we will fix them. We will replace unsalvageable materials in order to leave your building in pristine condition. If necessary, we will perform this phase before the cleaning phase.

To learn more about our 24/7 water damage restoration services, contact our RestorationMaster representatives at (631) 206-6808. We operate throughout Long Island, from Montauk to Manhattan, NY, and look forward to assisting you soon.