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Content Cleaning & Pack-Out Services from Montauk to Manhattan, NY

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When disaster strikes your building in Long Island, NY, our representatives at RestorationMaster are available to take your call. We respond to the aftermath of natural disasters, fires, mold growth, and similarly damaging events to help residential and commercial property owners get back on their feet. One way we do this is through our content cleaning & pack-out services. Through these services, we respond rapidly to clean and restore your building’s contents so that permanent damage does not set in. We perform these restoration services at one of our climate-controlled facilities so that your building and belongings can be repaired simultaneously. We offer these services to property owners from Montauk to Manhattan, NY.

Content Cleaning Services

When disasters occur, both your building and its contents are at risk of sustaining permanent damage. Valuable electronics can become inoperable, clothing and jewelry can be ruined, important documents and assets can be destroyed, and precious antiques and artwork can be lost. Despite these possibilities, there is still hope if you act quickly and decisively. Whenever property damage is sustained, acting rapidly is your best option. Through our 24/7 emergency response services, we give your belongings the greatest odds possible of making a complete recovery. We utilize appropriate cleaning solutions, methodologies, and equipment depending on the type and cause of the damage, as well as the affected material in question. We will clean, deodorize, and restore your items to the fullest extent possible.

Pack-Out Services

In many disaster scenarios, buildings are either unstable or unsecure, and therefore must be repaired. This makes it extraordinarily difficult to simultaneously salvage everything within them. We address this issue through our pack-out services. In short, we will create an inventory of your items, ship them to our facility for restoration, and then return them. The entire process goes as follows:

  • Each one of your belongings will be entered into our electronic inventory system (we provide you and your insurance company with a copy)
  • We transport your items to our secure facility for sanitization, repair, and deodorization services
  • We store your belongings in our climate-controlled facility until your building is fully restored
  • Once your building is secure, we ship your items to your door

We fully understand the unique difficulties associated with these types of situations, and the level of stress they can cause. This is why we always do everything we can to provide you with greater peace of mind. Through swift, effective, and transparent services, we will get you back on your feet as efficiently as possible.

To take advantage of our content cleaning & pack-out services, simply contact our representatives at (631) 206-6808. We are available 24/7 to respond during your time of need and are happy to answer any questions you have. At RestorationMaster, we proudly operate across Long Island from Montauk to Manhattan, NY.