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Sewage Cleanup in Longview, WA 98632


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While most home insurance policies do not cover sewage backups, due to the level of damage they cause, it is strongly recommended to add it on if the pipes may be in poor condition. And finding your building materials and contents submerged in this bacteria-filled, murky water can feel like they need to be thrown out anyway. But calling an emergency cleanup company can actually provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 in the Longview, WA area to provide sewage cleanup services for both residential and commercial properties. Using professional equipment, products, and techniques, our technicians will ensure that your home or building is fully decontaminated and returned to its original condition.

Dangers and Damages from Sewage Backups


While some individuals won’t think twice about trying to save precious belongings from permanent damage caused by sewage water, they are not aware of the health effects of doing so. In addition to destroying materials and contents, sewage water is filled with bacteria, pathogens, biohazards, and who knows what else.  When not wearing proper protection, individuals are prone to diseases, sicknesses, and infections that can easily necessitate a trip to the hospital.

RestorationMaster is aware of all risks, damages, and losses caused by sewage backups, and we are fully prepared to handle the cleanup job on any property, no matter how far the destruction has spread. We will arrive quickly, extract the sewage water, dispose of soiled porous materials, dry out and decontaminate hard surfaces, and install porous material replacements.

Our sewage contamination cleaning services cover all of the following:

  • Timely Response and Complete Communication: The professionals of RestorationMaster are available 24/7 to respond to all sewer backup emergencies. They will arrive within 2 hours of your call and be available to answer all of your questions throughout the service.
  • Complete Inspection: The affected area will be thoroughly inspected after cutting off the source of the water. A strategic plan will be developed to determine the best route to extract the water and decontaminate all nonporous surfaces.
  • Water Damage Restoration: After the source has been cut off and the sewage water is extracted, all soiled drywall and other porous materials will be removed from their places. Replacements will be ordered while nonporous surfaces are dried out and disinfected using professional products and equipment.
  • Work with Insurance Adjustor: If you have chosen to file a claim, our technicians will work with your claims adjustor to ensure a seamless process.

When finding a sewage backup on your property, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance away from the contaminated water. Because it is filled with biohazards, bacteria, and pathogens, don’t hesitate to call for a professional cleanup service. Our professionals will be on their way shortly after receiving your first call.

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (360)450-3505 in the Longview, WA area to provide emergency sewage cleanup services.