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Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleanup in Longview, WA 98632


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While discovering a major accident or violent crime isn’t common, especially when finding it on your own property, the experience can be overwhelming. But when a loved one is involved, the sight can be even more traumatic, if not life-changing. But these first few moments are those that are most crucial for taking action to call for emergency services.

But after law enforcement gathers all necessary evidence, they are not responsible for removing the biohazards or disinfecting the property. But RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to provide biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services in the Longview, WA area. This way you can leave the dirty work to the professionals while you focus on family matters.

Dangers of Biohazards

When biohazards have contaminated the furnishings and structure of a property, dangerous byproducts, including blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids will also cause permanent damage if left untreated. But you should never try to clean the mess yourself due to the harmful bacteria and pathogens contained within the byproducts. In fact, it is best to maintain a safe distance from the affected area for your own health and safety.

As soon as law enforcement has gathered all evidence, RestorationMaster will use professional equipment to remove the biohazards and professional cleaning products to disinfect the area. Our professionals are both licensed and experienced, following established procedures that are proven to remove harmful biohazards and bacteria from all surfaces.

All of the following are included within our trauma and crime scene cleaning services:

  • Emergency Response: RestorationMaster’s technicians are available 24/7 to respond to all trauma and crime scene emergencies. In order to protect the safety of you and your loved ones or staff, we will arrive within 2 hours of your initial call to start the cleanup process.
  • Removal and Disposal of Biohazards: Once we have arrived, we will begin the emergency pre-cleaning, removing all hazardous byproducts and storing them in approved containers to be disposed of properly.
  • Disinfection: After the biohazards have been removed, the affected area will be decontaminated and sanitized with professional equipment and cleaning products to restore safe and healthy conditions.
  • Deodorization: Even after the area has been thoroughly cleaned, odors can still be left behind. But they will also be removed using powerful but safe deodorizers.
  • Family Support and Assistance: In addition to working with compassion and respect for grieving families, we can provide the contact information of recommended family counselors to help you through this difficult time.
  • Working with Law Enforcement and Insurance: We always work to provide as much peace of mind, including with insurance adjusters during the claims process as well as law enforcement as to not disturb any evidence.

Finding a biohazardous scene can indeed be an overwhelming experience, but calling for emergency services is the most important action you can take during the first few moments. But as soon as law enforcement has gathered the proper evidence from the scene (if involved), don’t hesitate to call for professional cleanup services.

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (360) 450-3505 to provide emergency biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services in the Longview, WA area.