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Hoarding Cleaning Services in Lincoln City, OR 97367



The side-effects caused by a hoarding disorder can prove to be dangerous, not only to the individual but to their loved ones. This is because a strong bond has developed with the household items, disallowing them to dispose of anything. But as the pile of accumulated belongings begins to grow, they can block walkways and doors, creating a dangerous hazard for everyone in the home. These conditions can then harbor threatening substances including mold, mildew, and other bacteria. However, RestorationMaster provides professional hoarding cleanup services in order to restore the home to its original condition. But most important of all is that we first establish a relationship with the affected individual to gain their trust so that we can work efficiently and effectively.

Building a strong foundation to maximize hoarding cleanup efficiency

As millions of lives are affected each year by hoarding, the consequences can be severe and daunting. In order for the cleanup job to be done properly, the affected individual will require patience and understanding. As this can prove to be a traumatic experience for them, RestorationMaster will work side-by-side with the individual, ensuring that they are in charge throughout the entire process. Our technicians will work with a sense of compassion and understanding, promising not to dispose of any items without the approval of the individual. Together, we will work to return the home to provide safe and sanitary living conditions once again.

Cleaning and Deodorizing the Property

Once the hoarded items have been removed, the house can still be left smelling foul in addition to holding massive amounts of bacteria. While this may seem shocking for the individual, our certified and trained technicians have years of experiences in using powerful cleaning products. They will remove all odors and disinfect all materials from dangerous substances that have developed from the hoard. Our services also follow the rules of OSHA, EPA, and the Department of Transportation.

Our hoarding cleaning services include the following

Odor Removal: We will use advanced deodorizers to effectively remove all unwanted smells from the property.

Disinfection: After removing all hoarded items, all items will be properly cleaned and sanitized of dangerous contaminants.

Proper Disposal: Any biohazardous contaminants leftover will be safely transported and disposed of properly at a medical waste facility.

If you have a close friend or family member that is severely impacted by hoarding, it is essential that you reach out to them right away about the dangers of the disorder. Not only can their house become dirty, it can develop unsafe living conditions. Our technicians at RestorationMaster will develop a strong bond with the individual, then start the cleanup process using effective products and equipment.

Professional Cleaning Services in Lincoln City

As hoarding disorders have been misunderstood for many years, recent studies have allowed us to develop advanced cleaning methods in order to handle hoarding cleaning. First, it is imperative to understand that it is a sensitive issue to handle for the individual. They have developed a strong bond with their belongings as they battle the stress of disposing of their items and difficulties of maneuvering through their homes. However, because they are too embarrassed to seek out help themselves, they need the help of a trusted family member to stand by their side throughout the process. RestorationMaster will work with you and the individual in efficiently throwing away the hoarded items. We will then use advanced cleaning products to effectively remove all dangerous contaminants. Finally, while the ultimate goal is to clean and restore the home to a safe and healthy living space, we will work with a sense of compassion and respect to ensure the approval of the individual throughout the process.

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