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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services in Lincoln City, OR 97367



While it may be true that the building materials will be the first to be damaged in the occurrence of water, fire, or mold damage, household belongings are always at risk to become ruined. However, in the cases that these belongings are affected, it is important to call RestorationMaster as soon as possible. This is because these items may become ruined if not treated right away. Our services guarantee a quality restoration with our experience and effective products. However, even if the conditions of your home or building do not permit on-site content restoration, we will gladly pack-out your belongings and clean them at our secure facility.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

In the event of a natural disaster, there is simply not enough time to save all of your belongings from damage. Fortunately, even after sustaining damage, they are not lost forever. When calling RestorationMaster immediately after they have incurred damage, they are able to be restored to their original condition with the use of our powerful but safe cleaning products. If needed, we will also provide deodorization services. In addition, if the condition of the property does not allow for the proper restoration of the content, it will then be safely packed and transported to our climate-controlled facility for restoration and storage. A detailed report of the items recorded to our inventory will be provided to both you and your insurance provider.

Pack-Out Services

Sometimes the home or building has sustained enough damage from a natural disaster that on-site restoration of your belongings can become ineffective, not to mention dangerous. In this case, we proudly provide pack-out services in which we safely transport your damaged items to our secure facility for restoration and storage. Here they will undergo proper cleaning and remain in storage until the restoration process on your home is complete. We record each item in full detail to our inventory, providing both you and your insurance provider with a copy of the list.

We understand the traumatic effects the damages from a natural disaster can have on you and your family. However, we are happy to provide content cleaning and pack-out services to restore your cherished belongings to their original condition.  RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at 888-915-8868 in the Lincoln City, OR area for emergency content cleaning and pack-out services. Call us as soon as possible upon encountering damage from a natural disaster to any of your personal items.