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Sewage Cleanup in Liberty Lake, WA 99019

South Pacific Environmental

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Excess water in a home or commercial building is never a good thing, especially if the water is contaminated with microorganisms and sewage. Not only can it damage your property, it can also have a negative impact on your health.

When it comes to sewage, there are two main ways that sewage can make its way into your home or building; a sewage backup or from natural flood water that mixed with sewage prior to entering your home or building. If you or someone you know has experienced a sewage backup or flooding that possibly contains sewage, make sure everyone stays away from the affected area and give South Pacific Environmental a call!

South Pacific Environmental provides emergency sewage cleanup for homes and commercial buildings in Liberty Lake, WA. Rest assured knowing our technicians are trained and equipped to remove contaminated water and restore, clean and sanitize damaged areas.

Damage from Sewage Backups

Sewage Cleanup in Liberty Lake, WA 99019Sewage water not only puts your property in danger but your health as well. Sewage backups can be very dangerous if they’re not cleaned up immediately.

  • Water Damage: The damage sewage water can cause in comparison to clean water is substantial. Not only do the building materials and furnishings absorb the water, they’re also absorbing the contaminants within it. In exchange this causes the materials to grow dirty, stained, and decay. Depending on the materials, things like drywall generally need to be replaced after being affected by sewage.
  • Health Risks: Should you become exposed to the dangerous toxins and bacteria in sewage water your health may be at risk due to the range of diseases that can be found within it.
  • Mold Damage: When left longer than 24 hours, the sewage water will cause mold to develop and spread throughout the home or building.

Sewage Cleaning and Restoration

With advanced equipment and safe procedures, rest assured knowing our technicians can handle any and all sewage water extractions. After the extraction process is completed we then set up dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the area to assure that any remaining moisture is removed from the damaged materials. Once the sewage water is removed, depending on the level of damage, we will either restore or remove them. Upon completion, the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure your health is no longer at risk.

Please avoid trying to clean up any water in your home or building that may contain sewage. Give South Pacific Environmental a call and we can take care of the damage safely and efficiently. We make sure all sewage water is removed and the affected areas are safe for use without risks of negative health effects. You can reach us at (208) 534-9491 for sewage cleaning services in Liberty Lake, WA.

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South Pacific Environmental is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (208) 534-9491 for emergency sewage backup cleaning services in Liberty Lake, WA. We also work with insurance.

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