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Author: Patrick Panayotov


What to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

In this guide, we will cover the most important questions for you to ask when looking for a digital marketing professional.  This will help ensure that you hire a marketing professional who has your business’s best interests in mind and will work to increase your leads and improve your ROI.

online reviews

The Value of Getting Google Reviews

For businesses to increase their customer base, they need to not only provide a quality product or service, but also gain credibility and trust. One of the best ways to build credibility for your brand and increase your online reputation is by getting good Google reviews.

Restoration Cleaning Contractor Leads

Lead Generation Tips for Disaster Restoration Companies and Contractors

Lead generation for independent contractors has been a growing trend for years now. The downside is that it grows increasingly competitive along with its popularity; with more opportunities brews more competition. Here are some important lead generation tips for independent contractors with limited time and commitment to quality.

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