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Mold Removal and Remediation – Kingwood, TX

ServiceMaster Restoration And Cleaning

Serving the Kingwood area since 1992

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Many homes and commercial buildings may have to deal with mold issues at some point.  Mold is often brought on by excess moisture and it can cause extensive damage by eating away at the affected materials.  You cannot hesitate to react to a mold issue because it will spread to new areas and prolonged exposure can cause serious health issues.  ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides mold remediation services to remove mold growth from homes and businesses in Kingwood, TX.  We are licensed by the State of Texas to provide mold remediation and our technicians have the training and equipment to remove mold growth effectively.

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In 2003, House Bill 329 was passed by the Texas state legislature which gave the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) authority over the mold remediation industry.  Under this bill, mold remediation service providers must follow the regulations from the State of Texas to protect homeowners from unethical practices.  At ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning, we are committed to strictly following the regulations spelled out in House Bill 329 and our technicians are trained to provide mold removal services that meet these standards.

Mold-Remediation-in-Kingwood-TXMold growth must be dealt with immediately because it can cause serious damage over time and it is always at risk to spread to new areas.  Mold uses organic substances commonly found in building materials as a food source and it will eventually cause permanent damage if it is not removed.  Exposure to mold can also cause a range of health issues from allergic reactions to more serious infections with prolonged exposure.  We have the proper equipment to test for and locate all mold growth as well as remove it effectively.

You can expect the following steps during our mold remediation service:

  • Total evaluation of the affected areas
  • Cleaning and restoration of damaged content
  • Removal of permanently damaged surfaces and items
  • Air quality control and cleaning
  • Anti-microbial application and disinfection
  • Final inspection by a Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) licensed by the Texas DSHS

Mold remediation Kingwood TX

Call ServiceMaster

If you notice mold in your home or business, you must act immediately to help prevent serious damage or associated health risks.  Make sure you contact ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning for mold removal services from our state licensed technicians in Kingwood, TX 77339.  Give us a call 24 hours a day at (281) 668-5912 for trusted mold remediation.


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