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Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services – Woodlands TX

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Mold growth can appear in your home or building just about any time and it is typically caused by excess water or moisture because it needs a moisture source to grow.  It is important to have mold removed quickly because it will not only spread quickly through your home to increase the amount of damage, but also significantly raise the risks of associated health issues such as allergies or respiratory problems.  ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides mold remediation services in The Woodlands, TX to clean up and remove mold from homes and commercial buildings.  We are state licensed by the State of Texas to remove mold to the standards set by the Texas legislature.

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Texas passed House Bill 329 in 2003 to give the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) regulatory power over providers of mold remediation services.  The purpose of this bill is to protect homeowners from mold remediation service providers that use unethical practices to take advantage of the public.  Any mold remediation provider licensed by the State of Texas must strictly adhere to the mold removal standards outlined in the bill.  Our technicians fully understand the standards of this bill and are committed to providing effective mold remediation services for your home or office.

Mold Remediation in The Woodlands, TX

Mold spores will become mold growth upon meeting the right conditions which includes a moisture source and an organic food source such as cellulose found in wood and drywall.  Once mold starts growing, it is constantly at risk to spread and if it is not removed quickly enough, it can eventually cause irreversible damage to the affected surfaces.  Our technicians can safely and effectively remove all mold growth with our advanced cleaning products and equipment.

The mold remediation services we provide include the following steps:

  • Complete assessment of the mold and moisture level
  • Cleaning and temporary storage for affected personal content
  • Complete removal of moldy surfaces and content
  • Air quality control and cleaning
  • Anti-microbial application and sanitization
  • Clearance of the mold remediation process by a Texas DSHS licensed Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC)

Call ServiceMaster

You should not hesitate to react to mold growth in your home or building because the longer it is ignored, the more you are at risk for significant structural damage or health problems.  Call ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning right away if you need mold remediation services for your home or office in The Woodlands, TX 77375 area.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (281) 668-5912 to respond to your mold problem.

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Katy, TX
I have high praises for the guys that I worked with. Very professional, very knowledgeable. They were very friendly and worked very hard. It’s not a service I’d want to have to use again but if I had to Service Masters would be the only company I would use. Thank you Robin Palmer

Spring, TX
Friendly Helpful Pictures of diagnostic work on car Clean and comfortable waiting area Starbucks coffee and water bottles.

Conroe, TX
I had water damage in most of my home. Service Master responded very quickly. Every one was kind and considerate. I was overwhelmed, they guided with a efficient plan and helped solved many questions I had. I can't tell you how thankful I am for Service Masters and the expert, knowledgeable people that work there. Thank you!! Corlene Edwards