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If you have chosen not to make a claim with your insurance company for the sake of keeping monthly costs down, a water damage restoration bill can quickly become very expensive. Depending on how much time has elapsed between the time of damage and treatment as well as how far the water has spread, these costs in labor can go up to the thousands.

RestorationMaster completely understands these headaches, which is why we are proud to offer a more cost-effective solution for those living in Georgetown, TX. Known as the FlexServ program, you can rent dehumidifiers and water restoration equipment and save on the labor costs while still taking care of your water problem. We will provide all equipment necessary as well as professional assistance – if needed – to return your building materials to their original conditions.

FlexServ – Choose Only What You Want

RestorationMaster believes that you should only have to pay for what you need – and nothing more. As everyone’s case of water damage is different, we have included 3 options to choose from within our FlexServ dehumidifier rental program. Each package includes different levels of services in addition to the equipment you will be renting.

Whether you have significant or no experience when it comes to restoring property structure, our technicians will set you up with the instructions and equipment necessary to get the job done properly at a fraction of the cost.

These benefits are included in all packages of our FlexServ program

  • Ability to select delivery, pick-up, and installment of equipment
  • Cleaning and repairs of equipment in between rentals
  • Professional assistance during the time of rental
  • Ability to use advanced equipment frequently operated by professionals

FlexServ Rental Packages

When choosing 1 of 3 package options, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which one exactly is best for you. However, RestorationMaster can help you with this after conducting the initial inspection to recommend which package will be the best option. This way, you can get the most value out of the dehumidifier rental program without putting a dent in the bank account.

All of the following are the package options are available within our FlexServ program:

  • Bronze: Pre- and post-inspection of rental dehumidifiers and equipment.
  • Silver: Pre- and post-inspection of rental equipment, flood cleanup, removal of carpet padding, and anti-microbial treatment.
  • Gold: Pre and post-inspection of all rental equipment, removal of carpet padding, flood cleanup, anti-microbial treatment, drop-off, installation, and pickup of all dehumidifier rental and restoration equipment.

Regardless of the package you choose, a RestorationMaster technician will be available to answer any questions, address concerns, or upgrade your package, should you need help along the way. While it is our goal to ensure you have everything to complete the job, you can always request professional assistance at any time to ensure your building materials are dried and restored properly. Afterwards, you can look forward to a clean and healthy living environment after making the necessary repairs at a cost-efficient rate.

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If you are interested in our dehumidifier rental equipment from the FlexServ program or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at (512)765-9630 if you live in the Georgetown, TX area.