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Antique Furniture Repair And Restoration For Highland Park, IL


Vintage furniture must be handled with care and respect, for it is a survivor from long forgotten times. A single piece of furniture may possess high cultural, and sometimes even historical value for it has often witnessed centuries of altering fashion trends and social norms, changing styles, and tastes. The marks of time are sealed on its surface, so any repair works should aim at restoring its original beauty without losing the ancient look and feel of the furniture piece.

Many restoration companies do not recognize the true value of antique furniture. They use advanced tools and modern techniques to repair the furniture so that it has high market value but they may actually ruin the original wood grain finish in the process. The Furniture Medic craftsmen never make this mistake. All the work is carefully done by hand, using only simple tools and no chemicals at all. Many years of experience have proven that the best results are achieved by the skillful individual approach Furniture Medic has specialized in. The restoration procedures performed by our crew are different for each individual furniture piece and each individual person, according to the condition and the value of the antique and the intentions and desires of the owner.

If a certain piece of antique furniture has no sentimental value, the experienced workers at Furniture Medic use effective techniques to obtain the best possible appearance and sturdiness of the item, so that it can be sold for a good price. The restored ancient charm and original designer’s intention turn the furniture piece into a stylish and precious item, highly desired by connoisseurs.

However, when the antique furniture in your home is reminiscent of dear people or significant events, it is the memory that needs preservation and the restoration approach should be different. The Furniture Medic specialists pay close attention to every small detail and work with extreme care and skill to ensure the appealing look and the long life of your cherished possession without ruining any layer of memories. Sometimes even a single scratch may be meaningful, so patience and knowledge are required to achieve the desired quality results.

Furniture Medic is particularly reputable for its antique clock restoration and repair services which have proven to be first-class in the North Shore area.

If you own some antique furniture in need of restoration, do not hesitate to call Furniture Medic, Highland Park, IL at 773-733-4011!

Recent Reviews

Review by Pam Perrine
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Over 40 years ago my father made me a small top-shelf piece with miniature spindle railings that fenced in the content of each shelf and he used a dark walnut stain. I was really worried about breaking the spindles by lightening the color to a honey oak color. Furniture Medic are Masters! They did a fantastic job! My father would have definitely approved."

Review by Eileen Gutierrez
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Furniture Medic did a beautiful job refinishing my golden oak tables and worked with me to get the right shade of mahogany I was looking for. They were all very personable and professional and price was reasonable for the great work they do. I highly recommend this business."

Review by Ken Siegel
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“The Furniture Medic redid intricate canning of a 125 year old chair that I thought was not repairable. It looks great, and took less than 2 weeks!”

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