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Commercial Furniture Repair And Restoration For Highland Park, IL

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Commercial property is much more prone to damage compared to residential property for several obvious reasons. The most harmful one is to be found in the very purpose of commercial premises – it is designed to serve many people and the constant coming and going results in quick wear and tear. This is also aggravated by the fact that no one cares to protect the commercial furniture or keep it clean and intact.

Without a doubt, commercial clients need repair and restoration services on a much more frequent basis than regular homeowners. RestorationMaster has over twenty years of experience in this business and can renew commercial property to its original appearance with great speed and accuracy. We also offer office furniture refinishing, refurbishing of commercial upholstery fabric, and various other commercial wood finishing services. Your business partners and clients will be provided with a fresh and charming working atmosphere to motivate their interest and desire in their work.

RestorationMaster offers the following commercial restoration services:

  • Wood paneling restoration and refinishing
  • Executive and office furniture repair and upholstery
  • On Site Furniture Touch Ups
  • Bar refinishing
  • Upholstery Repair
  • Metal Molding Restoration
  • Stone Restoration

Our craftsmen have the required equipment and experience to renew wood, marble, and even granite, as well as to color match any surface with the rest of the interior, or restore your furniture to its initially intended look. The transformation will take you back in time with the magnificence of its original appearance. RestorationMaster, Highland Park, IL will complete your restoration project according to the highest standards of workmanship and professional expertise. Just call 630-412-1400!