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Re-upholstery and Upholstery Repair in Fort Worth, TX

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People tend to favor their most comfortable furniture, including comfy recliners, sofas, and others.  This type of furniture tends to be used on a daily basis which puts a lot of stress on the upholstery fabric.  Furniture upholstery can become worn out from regular wear and tear which can cause the fabric to thin and the color to fade.  Worn out upholstery can eventually become ripped as well.  However, the deteriorating condition of the upholstery does not mean that you have to replace the furniture.

RestorationMaster , we provide upholstery repair and re-upholstery services to repair or replace the upholstery for your furniture in Fort Worth, TX.  We can repair tears and holes in the upholstery fabric or replace the upholstery entirely with new material.  Whether you choose to have the upholstery repaired or replaced, this is still a much more affordable option than replacing your furniture.

Upholstery Wear and Tear

The upholstery fabric is the most vulnerable part of the furniture.  It is the point of contact which is why it experiences wear and tear, and it also accumulates dirt and debris that can contribute to its deterioration.  As the upholstery fabric becomes worn out, it is more likely to tear or develop holes.  Once a tear starts in the fabric, it will only get worse.

If the upholstery of your favorite couch or recliner is worn out or torn, our technicians can restore it.  We can repair tears and holes in all kinds of upholstery fabric and re-upholster your furniture if it is too heavily damaged.

We can provide the following upholstery services:

  • Upholstery repair: Our technicians can repair tears and holes in piping, seams, and dust covers. We can also replace cushions, springs, and fabric chords.
  • Re-upholstery: If the upholstery is heavily damaged, or if you want to change the upholstery for a new look, we can reupholster your furniture with quality materials.

Worn out and damaged upholstery can diminish the comfort and appearance of your furniture.  Call our experts at RestorationMaster to repair the upholstery on your furniture so it looks and feels new again.  You can reach us at (888) 908-0819 for professional upholstery repair and re-upholstery services in Fort Worth, TX.