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Disaster Restoration – Fire Water Damage Cleanup | Missouri City, TX


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Our technicians are highly trained and certified to provide disaster restoration and cleaning services in commercial and residential settings using the best cleaning products and equipment available. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (281) 612-8739 to provide emergency restoration services in Missouri City, TX.

Water Damage RestorationWater Damage Restoration in Missouri City, TX

Water damage can come from just about any direction in a home or building as weather conditions such as flooding, rain, and humidity as well as plumbing leaks and overflows can lead to significant damage.  All water damage requires immediate attention because it spreads quickly through absorbent building materials such as wood and drywall.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides water damage restoration services to cleanup and remove excess water from homes and businesses in Missouri City, TX.  We can dry affected structural elements and furnishings with our advanced drying equipment and help prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Fire Damage Restoration – Missouri City, TXFire Damage Restoration in Missouri City, TX

It does not take long for a fire to start in a home or building and it can very quickly cause widespread damage.  Once the fire is out, the corrosive byproducts and soot left behind can still spread and cause damage that can become irreversible without quick restoration services.Your local RestorationMaster partner provides fire damage restoration services to help restore homes and buildings in Missouri City, TX that have been damaged in a fire.  Our technicians will stop the spread of the damage and we can remove damage caused by the soot and corrosive byproducts with specialized cleaning products.

Mold RemediationMold Remediation in Missouri City, TX

It can be difficult to fully protect your home or building against mold because mold spores are a constant presence in the natural environment.  These spores form into mold with the right conditions which causes damage to the surfaces it grows on while increasing the risk of negative health effects associated with mold exposure.Your local RestorationMaster partner provides mold remediation services in Missouri City, TX to remove mold growth from contaminated homes and buildings.  We can repair or replace the surfaces affected by mold and take preventative actions to avoid future mold growth.


Hoarding Cleaning Services – Missouri City, TX

Hoarding affects millions of people in the United States, not just those who hoard but their families as well.  Hoarding disorder is a result of deep anxiety issues and the main behavior associated with hoarding is the inability to throw anything away, leading to a large collection of hoarded items.  As the hoard grows, it creates dangerous and unsanitary living conditions that threaten the health and safety of those within the home.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides hoarding cleaning services to help clean up and restore the homes of those that struggle with hoarding in Missouri City, TX.  We take a compassionate approach to build a level of trust with the affected individual and make sure that they are involved in the cleaning process.


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