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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Stafford, TX 77477


(281) 612-8739

Your local RestorationMaster partner is a leading provider of heavy cleaning and disaster restoration services to Stafford TX and the greater Houston metropolitan area.  We are industry certified in fire and water damage restoration, cleaning, and pack out services and employ technicians and staff that have been trained and certified to handle cleaning and restoration jobs in residential and commercial settings.  We are available 24 hours a day at (281) 612-8739.


Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can cause severe damage to a home or building and if the fire and smoke damage left behind is not restored right away, that damage could become permanent.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides fire and smoke damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Stafford, TX.  With these services, we can repair the damage caused by fire, soot, and smoke to restore your home back to its previous condition as soon as possible.

Water Damage MitigationWater Damage Restoration

Water damage can cause many problems for a homeowner and can sometimes even occur undetected or with very little warning.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides water damage mitigation to remove standing water or excess moisture and repair the damages it caused.  It is important to contact us for water damage restoration as soon as it is discovered because it could lead to further damage or mold growth if it is ignored.

Trauma-Scene-Cleaning-in-Stafford-TX-77477Specialty Cleaning: Trauma Scene Cleaning

Violent crimes and trauma scenes are an unfortunate reality that some of us may have to deal with and if a trauma scene involves biohazard materials, it requires specialized, professional clean up. Your local RestorationMaster partner provides crime and trauma scene cleaning services to properly clean up trauma scenes involving biohazard materials and restore the area to its previous condition.  Our technicians are certified to remove biohazard materials without jeopardizing the crime scene.

Mold RemovalSpecialty Cleaning: Biohazard and Mold Remediation

Many trauma scenes such as injuries, accidents, or death involve biohazard materials such as blood or bodily fluids that must be removed by a certified professional.Your local RestorationMaster partner provides mold and biohazard cleanup and services to homes and businesses in Stafford, TX area.  It is important that experienced professionals perform biohazard cleanup because these materials contain harmful toxins or viruses that could spread disease or infection if they are not handled properly.


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