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Disaster Restoration – Fire & Water Damage Cleanup | Richmond, TX


(281) 612-8739

Your local RestorationMaster partner has been providing disaster restoration and cleaning services for Richmond, TX and the surrounding areas in the greater Houston metropolitan area for over 25 years.  We have been industry certified for water and fire damage restoration, a variety of cleaning services, and pack-out services.  Our technicians are highly trained and certified and have the right equipment to handle any disaster restoration or cleaning service for homes and businesses.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (281) 612-8739 to respond to emergency situations in Richmond TX and the surrounding areas.

Smoke Damage Restoration in Richmond, TXFire Damage Restoration – Richmond, TX

When a home or building is struck by fire, the damage can be devastating and will even continue to spread after the fire is out as corrosive byproducts, soot, and chemical emissions will continue to spread.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides fire damage restoration services to help repair and restore fire damaged homes and buildings in Richmond, TX.  Our technicians will immediately limit the damage and get your home or building restored to its original condition.



Water Damage Restoration Richmond, TXWater Damage Restoration – Richmond, TX

There are so many potential sources of water damage that it can occur at any time and it often goes unnoticed.  It is important to recognize and react to water damage because it will continue to spread through porous building materials, leading to even more damage.Your local RestorationMaster partner provides water damage restoration services in Richmond, TX to remove water and moisture from homes and buildings and restore the resulting damage.  You should not hesitate to call us for water damage restoration to limit its spread and remove the water before it leads to mold growth.

Trauma Scene Cleaning Richmond, TXTrauma Scene Cleaning – Richmond, TX

Dealing with a violent crime or a serious injury or death from a major accident on your property can be very difficult and also dangerous.  These scenes often contain biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids that can spread infection and disease with improper handling.Your local RestorationMaster partner provides trauma and crime scene cleaning services in Richmond, TX to safely remove biohazard materials from the scene and clean and restore the area.  We can also cooperate with law enforcement for situations in which a crime has been committed.

Biohazard Cleaning in Richmond, TXBiohazard Cleaning and Mold Remediation – Richmond, TX

There are many scenarios in which you may encounter biohazard materials such as trauma or crime scenes, sewage backups, and mold growth and these materials require professional cleanup to avoid spreading disease and contamination.  Your local RestorationMaster partner provides mold remediation and biohazard cleaning services in Richmond, TX to remove all types of biohazard materials as well as clean and disinfect the area.  Many biohazard materials can spread infection and disease so make sure you leave the cleanup to our trained professionals.


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