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Disaster, Water, Fire Damage Cleanup and Cleaning Company in Denton, TX 76201


(469) 809-4508

RestorationMaster proudly serves Denton, TX and the surrounding communities in the Dallas area.

RestorationMaster is proud to provide the following disaster restoration and cleaning services:

  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Frozen Pipes Water Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Mold Removal
  • Smoke and Odor Mitigation
  • Emergency Board Ups
  • Reconstruction
  • Commercial Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Healthcare and Medical Office Cleaning
  • Content Cleaning and Pack-Outs
  • CE classes for Insurance Agents and Adjusters

We can be reached 24 hours a day at (469) 809-4508 for emergency services in Denton, TX 76201 and the surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Denton TXWater Damage Restoration – Denton, TX

Water damage is one of the most common problems in homes and buildings because excess water and moisture can occur as the result of flooding, leaks, rain, and humidity.  Problems with water damage should be addressed immediately because the building materials in a home are porous and allow water damage to continue spreading.  RestorationMaster can remove excess water and repair the resulting damage with our water damage restoration services in Denton, TX.  We can dry your home or building using dehumidifiers and air movers and we work in accordance with the water damage restoration procedures outlined in the Advanced Structure Drying Guidelines and IICRC procedures.

Sewage Cleaning Services – Denton, TX

If contaminated water ever enters your property, it is important to get it removed as quickly as possible. These elements contain dangerous viruses and bacteria that can result in a number of infections and illnesses. The water also has the potential to devastate your building and its content. Through our sewage cleaning services here at RestorationMaster, we address these threats for property owners in Denton, TX. We fix the original cause of the problem, eliminate excess water and moisture, decontaminate affected surfaces and materials, and salvage as many of your belongings as possible.

Frozen-Pipes-in-Denton-TXFrozen Pipes Water Damage Restoration – Denton, TX 76201

To prevent your pipes from freezing, we recommend allowing water to drip out of the faucets during cold nights, and using space heaters or additional insulation to warm areas that house poorly insulated pipes. However, even with these proactive measures, your pipes can still freeze and burst given certain unfortunate circumstances. If you are a property owner in Denton, TX, and this occurs to you, we highly encourage you to contact us here at RestorationMaster frozen pipes water damage cleanup services. We will extract all water that has spilled into the home or building, and restore damaged areas and belongings.

Smoke Damage Repair in Denton TXFire Damage Restoration – Denton, TX 76201

Few disasters are more destructive to a home than a fire and once the flames are extinguished, it is important to begin the restoration to prevent the damage from spreading.  Soot and corrosive byproducts left behind after a fire can continue to spread damage that will become permanent within hours if the right actions are not taken.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services in Denton, TX to help homes and businesses that have sustained damage in a fire.  We can help repair and restore damage furnishings and structural elements as well as remove smoke odors from the home or building.

Smoke Damage Restoration Denton TXSmoke and Odor Removal – 76201 TX

Sometimes after the restoration work is completed for certain disasters including fires, floods, and mold, there still may be a strong, unpleasant odor left behind that requires a different set of services to eliminate.  RestorationMaster provides odor removal services for homes and businesses in Denton, TX to remove strong odors from the structural elements and furnishings.  We use a range of effective odor removal methods including Nano carbon technology, absorption technology, and ozone technology to eliminate odors from mold, smoke, fire, and pets.

Mold Remediation – Denton 76201

When dealing with mold damage, extreme caution should be taken. This is because it has the potential to cause severe health effects, such as triggering allergies and breathing problems. It also needs to be treated right away as it will eat away at your building structure, causing significant damage. RestorationMaster is available in the Denton, TX area to provide professional mold removal services. With the use of our professional products and equipment, our technicians will be able to identify and remove mold at its source. They will also identify at-risk areas and have them secured to prevent future damage.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Denton, TX

The carpet is often overlooked when it comes to providing cleaning and maintenance but it is one of the most used furnishings in a home or building.  The daily foot traffic causes dirt and debris to build up deep in the carpet fibers where vacuuming alone cannot reach it.  RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Denton, TX.  Our truck mounted cleaning systems use the steam cleaning extraction method to remove dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibers.

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Denton, TX 76201

Tile and grout surfaces are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because they are moisture resistant, durable, and come in many styles and colors.  However, as the finish wears off, dirt and mildew can adhere to the tile and grout lines and cause the surface to appear dirty.  RestorationMaster provides tile and grout cleaning services in Denton, TX. We use a truck-mounted cleaning system that provides a much deeper clean than regular sweeping and mopping.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Denton, TX

Natural disasters often cause pervasive damage in a home that can affect your personal content in addition to your home and furnishings.  When your personal content is damaged, it is important to have them cleaned and restored immediately to prevent the damage from becoming permanent.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services to help clean and restore all types of personal content damaged in a disaster in Denton, TX.  Our advanced cleaning equipment and products allow us to effectively clean content damaged by fire, water, or mold.

Healthcare Cleaning Services for Denton, TXHealthcare Cleaning Services – Denton, 76201

The healthcare industry is trusted to provide top notch care for people recovering from illness or injury and providing a clean and sterile environment is important for patient care and satisfaction.  If you hire a professional to handle the cleaning of your medical office or healthcare facility, these professionals must understand the concept of patient satisfaction and the cleaning standards of the industry to keep your facility in compliance.  RestorationMaster provides healthcare cleaning services in Denton, TX to clean and disinfect healthcare facilities and medical offices.  You can trust our technicians to provide quality cleaning services that keep your facility compliant with industry standards.

There is often a period of uncertainty in the time between the conclusion of a severely damaging event, and the beginning of long-term restoration services. In this period, additional damage is likely to occur if you do not secure your property. At RestorationMaster, we offer emergency site-stabilization and board up services to do just that. We remain available 24/7 so that we can help to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. When we arrive on-site, we will work to fortify weakened structural elements of your building, and cover any openings that have developed. We proudly assist property owners in the Denton, TX, area.

Reconstruction Services – Denton, TX

Recovering from a property-damaging event is never easy. This is true in both residential and commercial settings. To provide you with greater peace of mind during these scenarios, we offer complete reconstruction services here at RestorationMaster. We will stabilize your property, develop an appropriate restoration plan, and return your building to its original condition. We proudly offer these services to commercial and residential property owners in Denton, TX.

Commercial Cleaning Services

It is human nature to notice when a room is poorly maintained. When this occurs in a professional environment, it may lead individuals to be skeptical of working with your business. It can also cause employees to take less pride in their work, or simply get in the way of their levels of production. If you are a business owner in Denton, TX, we encourage you to utilize our commercial cleaning services here at RestorationMaster. We make use of professional-grade cleaning equipment and procedures to keep your offices looking as good as new.

Post Construction Cleaning – Denton, TX 76201

Adding a new area to a home or building or having an area renovated is a big project.  When the job is finally complete, it is natural to want to take over the area again as quickly as possible.  However, this area should be cleaned first as dust and hazardous debris like screws, nails, and sheetrock are typically left behind.  At RestorationMaster, our professionals provide post construction cleaning services to thoroughly clean up construction sites in homes and commercial buildings in Denton, TX.  Our technicians will clean up dust from the area and clear all remaining debris.

crawl-space-remediation-denton-tx-minCrawl Space Remediation – Denton, TX

The crawl space is a part of the home that is easily forgotten about, but issues in this space can lead to significant damage.  Crawl spaces are commonly affected by water and mold and these elements can cause structural damage.  It is important to have your crawl space inspected so that any issues can be found and fixed before they lead to major damage.  At RestorationMaster, we provide crawl space cleaning and inspection services in Denton, TX.  We will look for signs of damage in your crawl space and we can restore damage caused by water and mold.


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