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Stabilization and Tarping Services in Denton, TX 76201

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Floods, fires, severe accidents, and similarly damaging events can cause your home or office building to become unstable, and leave holes or openings in exterior components. As a result, your property will be at risk of incurring more damage before you are able to begin reconstruction efforts.

To prevent this, RestorationMaster provides emergency site-stabilization, board up, and tarping services in Denton, TX. Through these services, you can rest easier knowing that every precaution possible to prevent additional damage from occurring has been taken.

Additional Damage That Can Occur

If you do not react quickly to a significantly damaging event, there are a variety of problems that can occur that lead to additional damage. On a professional level, we hate to see this happen because it is largely preventable.

One major issue arises when structural components of your building are damaged. If you do not recognize that this has occurred, or if you allow them to remain in an unstable condition, you face the risk of portions, or all, of your building collapsing. This can result in severe injury and death, destroyed belongings, and more.

There are also a variety of issues that can appear as a result of holes or openings in your building. This happens when roofing, siding, windows, and other exterior-facing components are damaged. What follows is what you may expect from having the inside of your building exposed to the outside world. Water damage is probably the most common concern, as it can lead to discoloration, deterioration, and destruction of items. Mold growth tends to occur, as well, when increased moisture is present. Various pests and animals will attempt to make their way inside. Finally, you may fall victim to vandals and burglars.

Complete Site-Stabilization and Board Up Services

Through our emergency board up services, we will not only stabilize your property, but effectively cover any holes and openings. Doing this will vastly reduce the risks of the threats listed above, and provide you with greater peace of mind.

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced when it comes to securing your property. First, we will assess the levels of damage your building has sustained in order to determine what exactly is needed. We will then proceed by stabilizing any damaged structural elements. We will also close any holes and openings, tarp your roof, and even provide temporary enclosures if needed. After all of this, we will discuss possible long-term restoration options with you.

To take advantage of our emergency board up and tarping services here at RestorationMaster, contact our representatives at (469) 809-4508. We are available 24 hours a day, and proudly service homeowners and business owners in the Denton, TX, area.