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Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services in Denton, TX 75041

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The healthcare industry is responsible for helping people recover from disease and injuries and in order to best help the recovery, healthcare facilities must be kept clean and sterile.  The principle of patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to healthcare professionals and the cleanliness of a facility or medical office has a big impact on the experience of the patient.  Your healthcare facility should be cleaned by trusted professionals that can provide quality services while staying in compliance with industry regulations.

RestorationMaster provides healthcare cleaning services to effectively clean and sterilize healthcare facilities and medical offices in Denton, TX.  We train our technicians to clean and disinfect a range of healthcare facilities and keep them compliant with CDC, JCAHO, and HIPAA standards.

PCCP Training

Healthcare Cleaning Services/ Medical Office Cleaning for Denton, TXBefore any of our technicians are sent out for healthcare cleaning, they must be trained through our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program (PCCP).  This program prepares our technicians to create cleaning plans that are effective for cleaning and disinfecting urgent care centers, hospitals, physician offices, dentist offices, surgery centers and other facilities and medical offices.

Our training program also emphasizes the principle of patient satisfaction which is at the heart of our healthcare cleaning services.  Working to prevent cross contamination is another focus and a major point of emphasis within the industry.

Use of Commercial Cleaning Products

Our technicians are equipped with hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants that are registered by the EPA and vacuums, sweeping tools, and disinfectant wipes to ensure that your facility or office is thoroughly cleaned.  We also understand the regulations laid out by the CDC, AORN, APIC, and OSHA and we will ensure that your facility is in compliance.

We can provide healthcare cleaning services for these areas:

  • Exam Rooms: We will clean every surface in exam rooms to help prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs.
  • Nurse Stations: Nurses move their portable stations throughout the facility which makes them a risk to spread germs. We help eliminate this risk by cleaning and sanitizing portable nurse stations.
  • Labs and Ancillary Testing Areas: We can effectively clean labs and testing areas to make sure they are free of germs and other contaminants.
  • Patient Waiting Areas: Sick patients can leave germs behind in your waiting room that may affect others. We will make sure your waiting room is cleaned and sterilized to prevent cross contamination.
  • Operating Rooms: It is very important for operating rooms to be cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day. We can effectively clean and disinfect operating rooms and the pre-and post-surgery care areas.
  • Isolation Room Cleaning: Cross contamination can easily occur in these rooms because they are used to treat patients with highly infectious disease. We know how to greatly reduce this risk with effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • Dialysis Center: We can effectively clean and sanitize dialysis centers to help prevent infections and ensure a sterile environment.

Quality healthcare cleaning service are crucial to the industry to help ensure patient satisfaction and compliance and we are dedicated to creating a clean and sterile environment to improve the experience of your patients.

The technicians of RestorationMaster are ready to provide healthcare cleaning services for all types of healthcare facilities in Denton, TX.  You can learn more about our services and PCCP training program by calling us at (469) 809-4508.