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Water, Fire, and Disaster Restoration Services in Mission Bend, TX 77083


(713) 966-6064

The following are among the services RestorationMaster provides:

  • Biohazard and trauma cleanup
  • Emergency construction
  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage cleanup
  • Mold removal

Water Damage Restoration – Mission Bend, TX

The damage that flooding and excess water can cause leads to expensive repairs. Further damage will occur the longer the problem isn’t addressed. Mold growth can develop 24 hours following the damage, making it essential to call RestorationMaster for our water damage restoration services in Mission Bend, TX. We employ technicians and Master Water Restorers who are all IICRC-certified. We will be immediate in our response, drying the structure and repairing building materials for a complete restoration. In addition, our professionals will contain the damage.

Fire Damage Restoration – 77083, TX

A fire’s flames are commonly misinterpreted to be the most damaging aspect of a fire, but, the most damaging aspect is the smoke and soot byproducts that the fire leaves behind. Fires and their byproducts often damage personal belongings, and such damage can become permanent if they don’t undergo professional cleaning. RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services for fire-damaged properties in Mission Bend, TX. Our professionals are trained and experienced to restore the damage caused by fire and smoke to your property and personal belongings. We also work with your insurance company.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration – Mission Bend, TX

Fires cause such immense damage to homes and buildings because of the different layers of damage they can cause.  The first wave of damage is caused by the flames as they burn through everything in their path, and the burning of various materials creates corrosive byproducts that cause the second wave of damage.  After the fire is out, smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts remain, spreading through the property and damaging affected materials.  If the effects of smoke and soot are not cleaned right away, the damaged materials may become permanently damaged.  At RestorationMaster, we provide smoke and soot damage restoration to clean and restore affected objects in Mission Bend, TX.  We will immediately contain the spread of the damage and treat affected objects and materials with advanced cleaning products and methods.

Mold Removal – Mission Bend, TX

Disasters can often result in mold growth, especially if there is flooding or excess moisture involved. This is because the excess water and moisture create the perfect conditions for mold spores to develop. Once it starts, mold can then grow on most household surfaces like cement and drywall. At RestorationMaster, we employ professionals who are licensed and experienced to provide mold remediation. We tend to all cases of mold in residential and commercial properties in Mission Bend, TX. Our professionals will work to remove all mold from its source, dry the property’s structure, repair damaged building materials, and work to prevent mold spores from coming back. To finish the restoration, we use cleaning agents that remove the remaining bacteria.

Reconstruction Services – Mission Bend, TX 77083

Every natural disaster can damage properties so much that they are left in an unstable condition. The damage caused by most disasters can also get worse after the disaster has passed. Building materials can absorb water and cause water damage. Mold can grow as a result of water damage, and fires leave smoke and soot behind. Regardless of what has damaged your property, call RestorationMaster for the reconstruction services that we offer for homes and businesses in Mission Bend, TX. We employ professionals who have a lot of experience in construction work, such as project managing, electrical work, board-ups, carpentry, roof contracting, painting, and tarping. Our technicians will also work with your insurance provider during the claims process.


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RestorationMaster can be reached for any of the aforementioned disaster restoration services by calling (713) 966-6064, and we will respond to you immediately.