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Furniture Restoration and Repair Services for Friendswood, TX

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RestorationMaster is well known and highly trusted throughout the world for its first-class furniture restoration and repair services. As part of the franchise, RestorationMaster carries out the reputation of RestorationMaster’s supreme craftsmanship with expert furniture refinishing and repair services for the area of Friendswood, TX. Our technicians have the extensive training and rich experience required to ensure quality workmanship and excellent results. We use the most advanced equipment and the best methods in the industry to effectively repair minor to severe damage to all types of wooden furniture and restore worn out finishes, breathing new life into your old pieces and enhancing the overall value and appeal of your property. What’s more, we not only prolong the serviceability of your furniture but also transform it into an exquisite work of art that perfectly suits your needs and your aesthetic taste.

Our main services include wood furniture refinishing and repair services, disaster furniture restoration, antique furniture restoration, kitchen cabinet refinishing and refacing, and commercial furniture restoration and repair. The work can be done on-site, at clients’ premises, or in our fully equipped workshop in Friendswood, TX, depending on your needs and preferences.

The adept services offered by RestorationMaster provide you with a convenient, efficient, and cost effective alternative to replacing worn out or damaged furniture. You will have your existing pieces fixed and revitalized to meet your comfort standards and the latest fashion trends only for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture of similar quality. Call us at (281) 547-0785 for furniture restoration and repairs in Friendswood, TX and the surrounding areas. You’ll be glad with your choice.

Wood-Furniture-Repair-in-Friendswood-TXWood Furniture Refinishing – Friendswood, TX

Wood furniture has always been a widely preferred interior solution as it combines beauty and endurance to provide unparalleled comfort, charm, and value to a home. Despite its durability however, wood is vulnerable to temperature changes and moisture and susceptible to surface damage such as scratches and dents.  RestorationMaster offers wood furniture refinishing and repair services in Friendswood, TX to reverse the negative effects of time and daily use on your cherished wooden furniture.  We can effectively repair broken pieces, restore surface damage, and refinish a piece to its original beauty or to a contemporary new look. The quality of our workmanship is impeccable and the available diversity of styles and tones is certain to meet even the highest demands.

Kitchen-Cabinet-Refacing-for-Friendswood-TXKitchen Cabinet Restoration Services – Friendswood, TX

The cabinets are essential elements in the kitchen interior design that not only provide storage space for food and utensils, but also set the overall style of the room. Because of their great practical functionality, the cabinets are subject to heavy daily use which results in considerable wear and tear over time – the fine wooden surface gets scratched, stained, or gouged, the finish wears out, and the overall value of the pieces is greatly diminished.  Full kitchen cabinet replacement, however, is not only very expensive, but also quite difficult and intrusive. As an alternative solution, RestorationMaster provides kitchen cabinet re-facing and restoration services in Friendswood, TX.  We can repair or replace damaged cabinet doors and restore drawer fronts without removing the cabinet boxes already installed in your kitchen, saving you all the hassle and inconveniences of full replacement. We can also refinish worn out cabinets to revitalize them and restore the charming look of your kitchen decor.

Antique-Furniture-Restoration-Friendswood-TXAntique Furniture Restoration – Friendswood, TX

Each and every antique furniture piece is unique and extremely valuable – more often than not, it is a delicate work of art with its own sentimental story. Restoring such precious keepsakes requires skillful treatment and experienced approach. RestorationMaster provides quality antique furniture repair and restoration services in Friendswood, TX, to effectively restore all types of antiques without damaging the natural grain of the wood or ruining the integrity of a piece.  We use minimally invasive restoration methods and pay meticulous attention to the details in order to preserve the original character and great value of your antiques, so that you can pass them down to the next generations as treasured family heirlooms or sell them at a great profit.

Disaster-Furniture-Restoration-Friendswood-TXDisaster Furniture Restoration Services – Friendswood, TX

Floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, as well as acts of vandalism, can cause extensive damage to the structural elements and furnishings of a building.  Specialized restoration services are required to efficiently repair and remediate the smoke, fire, or water damage inflicted to your furniture during such unfortunate events. Only experienced and skillful craftsmen can repair badly damaged pieces and restore them to their original condition. RestorationMaster provides disaster furniture restoration services for homes and businesses in Friendswood, TX.  Our experts will help you salvage your treasured furniture pieces and get your life back on track as soon as possible.

Commercial Furniture Restoration in Friendswood, TXCommercial Furniture Restoration – Friendswood, TX

The excellent condition of the furniture in your office, conference room, or other commercial settings is very important for the overall atmosphere in your establishment and the impression that people get of your business. Maintaining the good look and feel of commercial furniture, however, is very difficult as it experiences heavy daily use which makes it susceptible to all types of damage and general wear and tear.  RestorationMaster provides first-class commercial furniture restoration services for businesses in Friendswood, TX. We use advanced techniques and equipment to repair and restore tables, desks, chairs, bookshelves, and other furniture pieces commonly used in commercial settings. What’s more, our work can be scheduled outside your business hours to minimize interruption and guarantee excellent results in a quick and convenient manner.

You can contact RestorationMaster at (281) 547-0785 for quality furniture restoration and repair services in Friendswood, TX, and the nearby regions.