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Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repair Services for Friendswood, TX

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Considering the unparalleled grandeur and endurance typical of solid wood, it comes as no surprise that wooden furniture is found in just about every home. However durable and long-lasting wood pieces may be though, their delicate surfaces are prone to scratching, denting, chipping, and scuffing. Polished finishes fade and lose their luster over time, humid environments result in swelling and mold growth, extremely dry air can cause the wood to splinter, shrink, or become brittle, and so on.

RestorationMaster provides wood furniture refinishing and repair services in Friendswood, TX, to reverse such negative effects and prolong the life of your furniture.  Our craftsmen are highly trained to effectively repair, refinish, and restore all types of wood furniture. Their experienced approach and skillful personal touch make every project unique and successful.

Wood-Furniture-Repair-in-Friendswood-TX Wood Furniture Repair Services

Quality wood furniture is a good investment that adds considerable value to your home. To protect your investment and ensure the excellent condition of your cherished wooden pieces for a long time, you need first class furniture repair and refinishing services. The experienced professionals at RestorationMaster can effectively repair minor surface blemishes and fix severe damage to restore the gorgeous look and feel of your wood furniture.  Our complete wood furniture repair and refinishing services include:

  • Precision Repair – We can successfully repair any type of surface damage to the wood (such as dents, scratches, gouges, watermarks, burns, and stains);
  • Re-Gluing/ Minor Adjustments – We efficiently fix structural damage and broken pieces with the help of specialized glues, and also readjust any parts that are not functioning properly;
  • Finishing – We use innovative techniques to remove surface scratches and blemishes from the finish and restore its luster;
  • Restoration/ Refinishing – We can restore the original finish of your worn out wooden furniture with a water-based factory finish or give your pieces an entirely new look;
  • Furniture Painting – We can repaint wooden furniture in any color you like;
  • Custom Furniture Color – We can match the color of your old furniture to the rest of your home décor, revitalize the original color, or give your furniture a custom color upon your request.

Wood-Furniture-Refinishing-in-Friendswood-TXWood Furniture Refinishing and Repair Process

The renewal process at RestorationMaster is marked by an insightful approach and creative individual solutions. It varies by piece and depends on the type of damage but some basic steps are required for all wood furniture restoration projects:

  • Every piece of furniture is carefully inspected and evaluated to determine the extent of the damage and to decide on the most appropriate restoration method;
  • When it comes to water damaged furniture pieces, they are left to dry for about two weeks before any restoration works can begin;
  • We decide whether the project can be done on-site or if the furniture needs to be taken to our specialized facilities;
  • We discuss the process with you in detail and ask you to sign an authorization form;
  • When the job is complete, we ask you to sign a satisfaction form in assurance that you are happy with the results of our work.

Whether you want to have your old table, dresser, or trunk refinished in an artistic and charming fashion or you’d like to alter the entire look and feel of your bedroom set, for example, RestorationMaster will provide the most advantageous solution for your needs and preferences. Our restoration services are effective for all types of wooden furniture and will help prolong their life in an affordable and convenient way.  Call us at (281) 547-0785 for quality wood furniture repair and refinishing services in the area of Friendswood, TX.