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Mold Remediation in Trenton, NJ


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Nobody wants to find mold within their home or building because it can cause major structural damage and put your health at risk.  Mold is most likely to appear in areas with excess moisture or recent water damage and it will spread throughout your property, increasing the risk of serious damage and health issues.  It is important to call a professional immediately to remove the mold and limit the damage.

At RestorationMaster, we provide mold remediation services in Trenton, NJ to completely remove mold growth from homes and buildings.  Our certified technicians use advanced remediation methods to find and remove all mold from your property.  We will also remove permanently damaged materials as well as repair and restore the affected areas.

Mold Growth

Homeowners may notice mold growth in any part of their home, but it’s especially common in bathrooms, basements and attics. This can be as a result of an old roof, leaking pipes or water damage due to things like rain storms, tree growth and plumbing leaks. However, mold can also be caused by moisture buildup on the walls which then starts to deteriorate the plaster leading to mold growth on these surfaces

Damage Caused by Mold

Mold growth will not form without a source of moisture which is why it appears in areas affected by water damage or humidity.  The mold feeds on organic materials commonly found in wood, drywall, and other household surfaces which will lead to significant damage over time.  Walls and ceilings heavily affected by mold are at risk of major structural damage.  You must call our professionals right away after discovering mold to limit its spread and the resulting damage.

In addition to property damage, mold can also cause health issues for those who are exposed.  Common allergic reactions of mold exposure include nasal congestion, coughing, headaches, breathing issues, skin irritation, and itchy eyes and throat.  More serious symptoms such as respiratory infections may also be possible with prolonged exposure. When it comes to mold remediation, no one does it better than our skilled professionals in Trenton. We specialize in water damage restoration and mold removal. Call (609) 900-7686, we will have the job done right the first time and at a fair price.

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Professional Mold Remedation in Trenton, NJ

Our licensed technicians at RestorationMaster are trained and equipped to handle any mold problem in homes and buildings.  We will first find all mold growth on your property and contain it, so it doesn’t spread to new areas.  All mold growth and permanently damaged materials will be removed, and we will repair and restore the damaged areas.

The mold remediation services we provide include the following:

  • Moisture source repair: Our technicians will find and address the moisture source that caused the mold growth to prevent further issues.
  • Mold removal: All mold growth and materials that are permanently damaged will be safely removed.
  • Deodorization, cleaning, and disinfection: We can deodorize the property to remove musty odors and we will clean and disinfect the affected materials to restore safe living conditions.
  • Restoration and rebuild: We can repair and rebuild the damaged areas to restore your property to its original state.

Mold Removal

Mold can be a serious problem that affects your health and property. Once discovered, RestorationMaster will determine the extent of the mold contamination, remove it with our safe and effective methods and make sure your home or office is completely sterilized to prevent further growth.

Get your business back up and running with a comprehensive strategy. Our team will help you assess the situation, implement environmentally friendly controls and remediate any damage done by mold growth. We’ll provide customized solutions for every circumstance so that you can feel confident about moving forward after an event like this. Call our RestorationMaster experts at (609) 900-7686.

Disinfect and Rebuild

Our RestorationMaster technicians clean, deodorize and disinfect the area to prevent odors and mold from returning. We use a powerful bio-based and eco-friendly cleaning product that is safer for your family and pets. RestorationMaster restores the mold-affected area to its original condition. It is used for drywall, wood, concrete, or any other surface that has become damaged due to mold growth. Our process also saves you time and money by allowing you to clean and sanitize your home or business within just a few hours.

Call RestorationMaster for Mold Remediation in Trenton, NJ

No matter what amount of mold you find on your property, you need to act fast to stop its spread and limit the damage.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster are licensed and equipped to remove the mold growth and restore safe conditions.

You can reach RestorationMaster at (609) 900-7686 for mold remediation in Trenton, NJ.

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Helpful Mold Remediation Tips

How to Remove Mold from Painted Surfaces

Mold growth on painted surfaces such as the walls of your home or business can look very unpleasant, and aside from aesthetics, mold can pose serious health risks such as asthma and other upper respiratory issues. If you are dealing with mold growth on painted surfaces, you can follow these instructions for a clean-up process you can do yourself.

Common Health Effects Associated with Mold

Mold can be a health problem, not only in your home or office but also when you eat foods stored in them. You may experience some common health effects such as allergic reactions such as sneezing and itchy eyes, wheezing or coughing; headaches; dizziness; fatigue; nausea; vomiting; increased risk for cancer in sensitive populations

Got mold? Steps to cleaning up mold after a flood

After heavy rain, the lower level of your home may experience some minor flooding.  In many cases, this will mean nothing more than a few puddles you can take care of with a mop and a box fan.  Even when flooding is minimal, however, your home is still at risk of developing mold, and mold can be harmful to your health because it produces allergens.