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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Terre Haute, IN

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Considering the risk it poses to people and the extensive property damage that it can cause, a fire is a severely dangerous disaster. Fires can be caused by various things and can happen at nearly any time. Once they get started, the flames will quickly wreak havoc, damaging your property and personal belongings.

If a fire breaks out in your home or business, your first priority is to evacuate the property and make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Then call your local fire department to have the fire extinguished.

Once the flames are out, seek disaster restoration assistance immediately. Although the flames are gone, corrosive byproducts can cause secondary damage, which is often worse than the initial harm.

With our fire and smoke damage restoration services, RestorationMaster helps fire-damaged homes and businesses in Terre Haute, IN, by rebuilding and restoring the damage. Our fire restoration technicians have the necessary certification and equipment to effectively conduct restoration for fire-damaged properties. Additionally, we will work in an efficient manner, salvaging as much as we can.

Damage from Fire and Smoke

When it comes to a fire, there are multiple layers of damage. The flames cause the initial damage while smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts cause secondary damage when the fire is out. The fire’s flames will result in significant structural damage to your residential or commercial property, but the smoke and soot are more harmful. This is because the corrosive byproducts spread throughout the property and settle. If building materials and objects are damaged by the smoke and soot, then they will become discolored and etched. \

Without immediate cleaning, the damage will likely become permanent. Knowing this, it’s crucial that you seek our fire restoration services right away.

At RestorationMaster, our property restoration technicians are prepared to conduct fire and smoke damage restoration of any level. We will restore your property in addition to any damaged contents. We repair structural damage to stabilize the building, and we eliminate the effects of smoke and soot from damaged materials by using powerful cleaning products. In the event your personal belongings are seriously damaged, we use our pack-out services to have them cleaned and restored off-site at our facility.

Emergency Board-Up

Oftentimes, homes and other buildings are left in an unstable state following damage by a fire. Without stabilization, the building’s structure is left vulnerable and at risk of collapse. The technicians at RestorationMaster will prevent such an occurrence by providing emergency board-up services. This will provide the temporary stabilization needed to prevent more damage until full restoration and repairs can be done. After our technicians secure your property, we can then proceed with the rest of the restoration process, working to return your home or business to its pre-fire condition.

As the restoration process is ongoing, we will help with the claims process by working with your insurance company. We work with the adjustor to figure out the restoration costs, and you will only need to cover the deductible costs.

If your property in Terre Haute, IN, has sustained damaged by a fire, then you need to immediately reach out to RestorationMaster for the fire and smoke damage restoration services we provide. We will stabilize your property, contain the damage, and restore your property and belongings. We can be reached on a 24/7 basis by calling (930) 201-8050.


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