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Carpet Cleaning Services for Sioux Falls, SD

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The carpeting is often a major focal point in the design of a room or office.  Those who enter the space notice the carpet immediately, and the design and material of the carpet can affect the appearance and comfort of the space.  When a carpet is noticeably dirty, stained, or worn out, it can make the entire space seem poorly maintained.  This can be especially harmful for a business as customers, clients, and visitors may get a bad impression if they enter an office or building with a worn out or stained carpet.  It is important to consistently maintain your carpeting because foot traffic causes a constant buildup of dirt and debris in the carpet fibers which leads to discoloration, stains, and damage over time.

Carpet Cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD and  Luverne, MN and the Surrounding Areas

RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Sioux Falls, SD and southwest Minnesota.  We can safely clean and restore all types of carpeting to their original appearance with the hot water extraction method.  This method is highly effective, quick to complete, and dries within 24 hours without leaving a residue on your carpet.

Complete Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning


The carpet in a home or commercial building experiences a constant buildup of dirt and debris from the daily foot traffic.  Debris such as dirt, dust, and pollen get lodged deep in the carpet fibers which can cause the color of the carpet to appear dull, and eventually lead to damage of the fibers.  This debris buildup happens much quicker in commercial buildings that experience a higher volume of foot traffic on a daily basis than a typical home.  Vacuuming the carpet regularly can help reduce the buildup and delay damage to the fibers, but it takes professional carpet cleaning services to completely remove debris that has gathered deep in the fibers.

Our technicians at RestorationMaster can completely restore your carpeting using advanced stain removers and the hot water extraction method.  With this cleaning method, we apply a solution of hot water and mild detergent directly to the carpet to loosen deeply embedded debris.  The same cleaning wand used to apply the detergent immediately extracts the solution, and the embedded debris, back out of the carpet.  Your carpet will be ready to use again within 24 hours of the cleaning.

You can expect the following steps with our carpet cleaning services:

  • Thorough inspection to determine the condition of the carpet
  • Pre-treatment for spots and stains
  • Cleaning of entire carpeted area with hot water extraction method
  • Post-treatment for stubborn stains
  • Fiber grooming for improved drying and appearance
  • Furniture legs are padded to protect the carpet
  • Thorough final inspection with you to ensure that the carpet has been cleaned to your expectations

We understand that carpeting in a commercial setting needs to be cleaned more often to keep it in good shape.  That is why we offer regularly scheduled cleaning services for businesses in the Sioux Falls, SD area.  We can set up a carpet cleaning schedule that works with your business schedule to help keep your carpet in great shape.

Having the carpet in your home or office professionally cleaned on a regular basis will not only keep it looking new, but also help it last longer, saving you the cost of replacing it.  Contact RestorationMaster if you are interested in professional carpet cleaning services for your home or business in the Sioux Falls, SD or southwest Minnesota area.  You can reach us at (605) 370-5775 to schedule an appointment.