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Deodorization Services for Sanford, FL


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When people think about disaster cleanup, they imagine removing debris or extracting standing water. It’s important to remember that disasters also leave behind odors that can be worse than the original problem. There’s no mistaking the smells from fires, mold, dead animals, or pet accidents and these won’t go away on their own. Porous materials like furniture, clothes, and carpeting absorb these odors even if they weren’t initially affected. RestorationMaster provides high-quality deodorization services for both homes and businesses in Sanford, FL, and the surrounding areas that have bad odors on the premises for any number of reasons. We can find and extract the source from the air space, furnishings, and building materials using the most advanced sanitation and air purification methods in the industry.deodorization-Sanford, FL

The professionals at RestorationMaster have seen and deodorized all types of odors and situations. We know how smells are absorbed into different surfaces and what method works best in each circumstance. Our combination of cleaning and air purification ensures that you’ll be able to be in the room without being overwhelmed by a horrible stench.

RestorationMaster removes these types of odors:

  • Fires and other sources of smoke (cigarette);
  • Musty smells from mold or standing water;
  • Pet odors;
  • Dead or invasive animals;
  • Biological odors, such as sewage;
  • Other offensive smells.

No matter how much time you spend choosing your furnishings, or how much money you spend on them, a horrible smell will drive people away. Tough odors won’t fade away and they can’t be covered up with air fresheners or fabric refreshers. Our comprehensive deodorization services include:

  • Locating and treating the original source of the smell;
  • Treating all affected furnishings and building materials;
  • Sanitizing and purifying the air space;
  • Sealing all porous surfaces;
  • Full documentation of the process.

Call us for Deodorization Services in Sanford, FL

A bad smell will literally stop people in their tracks. It will undo all the hard work done by a decorator or advertising campaign, so it’s important to call RestorationMaster at the first smell of bad odors in Sanford, FL, and surrounding areas.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for full-service deodorization and odor removal services.

Call EverPro at (321) 341-2045

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