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Hoarding Cleanup in Round Rock, TX 78664


In Round Rock, TX, there are a number of individuals who are affected by a mental condition known as compulsive hoarding (hoarding disorder). It is a very significant condition that causes people to feel intense fear and anxiety when they try to throw anything away. This leads to dangerous home conditions caused by the buildup of clutter.

At RestorationMaster, we help these individuals restore order in their homes through our highly effective hoarding cleanup services.

The Results of Compulsive Hoarding

Another difficulty that results from hoarding disorder is the extreme embarrassment affected individuals feel when they attempt to seek help. In most cases, they are too ashamed of themselves to bring up the topic and may be hard to approach. That being said, it is important for family members and friends to respectfully breach this barrier, as there are many dangers associated with hoarding that act as ticking time bombs.

Fire hazards are a major concern that stems from hoarded items, as is the fact that these belongings will act as additional fuel if a fire begins. Blocked avenues of escape can contribute to making this risk truly fatal. The buildup of dust, pollen, and other allergens can lead to health concerns, as can bacteria and mold that may take hold. Finally, those living in the home must be wary of items that can fall on top of them or trap them.

All of these factors have caused severe injury and death across the United States, so we do everything in our power to prevent them from occurring to them.

Respectful and Effective Hoarding Cleaning Services

At RestorationMaster, we utilize a unique approach to hoarding cleaning that can be viewed below:

  • Phase 1 – Establish Trust: Before we start removing any items, or cleaning the property, we will first work to gain the individual’s trust. We understand the intense psychological factors that have gotten the situation to this point and want those affected to know that they have our respect.
  • Phase 2 – Create and Implement a Cleaning Plan: After establishing trust and inspecting the property, we will develop a strategic plan of attack to remove unnecessary items, restore damaged areas, and sanitize the property. We will work with the affected individual to determine which valuable items must be kept.
  • Phase 3 – Follow Up: To prevent a relapse, we will leave the individual with a personalized cleaning plan to follow. We will also call periodically to check in on their progress

Free Estimate

Approaching professional cleaners can be a scary thing, but we want those affected by hoarding to know that we will work with them every step of the way. To utilize our compassionate hoarding cleanup services, feel free to contact our RestorationMaster representatives at 888-915-8868. We are happy to assist affected individuals in the Round Rock, TX, area.

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