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Mold Removal and Remediation in Round Rock, TX 78664


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While mold is not always noticeable at first, mold has the ability to grow and spread throughout the building materials. This is done by releasing spores into the air and becoming attached to other organic surfaces, such as drywall, flooring, and ceilings. Without immediate attention, it can even spread to cause a number of health issues for everyone on the property.

But RestorationMaster is available to provide professional mold removal and remediation services in Round Rock, TX. Our technicians are each IICRC-certified to remove the fungus at its source, including each remaining spore within the structure.

mold-remediation-round-rock-txDangers of Mold

While mold is a problem, it thrives in hidden areas, including the attic, basement, behind the walls, and under the floors. It is often derived from untreated water damage, such as pipe leaks, poor insulation, humidity, or heavy rain. Once it starts, it will spread throughout the rest of the structure and cause a number of health effects.

If the spores become inhaled or come in direct contact with anyone, they can develop severe allergies, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and even long-term effects. That’s why it’s so important to reach out to RestorationMaster for mold and mildew specialists.

Licensed Services

Our technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced to locate the mold at its source, remove it, and prevent it from returning. RestorationMaster also uses professional products and equipment within this service, ensuring full peace of mind.

Finding Mold – What to Do:

  • As soon as you find mold on your property in Round Rock, TX, be sure to call RestorationMaster for professional mold removal and remediation.
  • Limit all humidity levels by running the A/C unit and dehumidifiers.
  • Increase air circulation throughout the property by turning on all fans.
  • Inspect the HVAC system to find any mold spores.
  • Wear protective equipment when checking for mold, including gloves, masks, and eyewear.

Finding Mold – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not touch the mold
  • Do not paint or caulk over any mold.
  • Do not try to clean the affected area yourself with home remedies.
  • Do not place a fan directly in front of the mold.

Our Mold Restoration Services Cover:

  • Air testing and evaluation of the damage
  • Report of evaluation and sending to the insurance company
  • Preventing the mold from spreading
  • Development of a mold remediation plan
  • Mold remediation and repair of the affected building materials
  • Final inspection to ensure the mold won’t return

As soon as mold develops from water damage, it can be difficult to contain it, especially once it spreads to other areas. This is why it is important to call a professional remediation company to contain the damage and eliminate the fungus at its source.

Get a Free Estimate

If you have found mold on your property, call RestorationMaster at (512) 377-6061 for professional mold removal and remediation services in Round Rock, TX. Licensed.


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