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Emergency Board Up in Peachtree City, GA


(470) 458-3664

If your home or business is heavily damaged by a fire, flood, major accident, or other incidents, it is critical that you take efforts to professionally stabilize your property in a timely manner. Until experts are brought in, there is no way to know whether or not your building is safe or structurally damaged.

This is why we highly recommend utilizing our emergency board up services here at RestorationMaster if your home or building in Peachtree City, GA is severely damaged. Our technicians will cover up and stabilize damaged and vulnerable elements of your property in order to prevent them from collapsing or sustaining more damage until they can be properly reconstructed.

Emergency-Board-Up-Service-in-Peachtree-City-GAEmergency Board Up Services

As we stated before, time is truly of the essence once your property has sustained damage. When a structural element is weakened and/or exposed to outside elements, it is only a matter of time before its integrity gives, which can result in even more damage. In addition, holes and openings in your roof, siding, or windows can allow burglars, animals, and inclement weather inside. This not only puts your belongings at risk, but it puts you and your loved ones in danger, as well. While emergency board ups are only temporary, they are an essential component to any serious restoration efforts.

Our expert technicians are experienced with boarding up and stabilizing a variety of homes and commercial buildings following major disasters. We do everything possible to not only secure your site from outside elements but stabilize its structural components as well.

When you call us here at RestorationMaster for our emergency board up services, you can expect the following:

  • Stabilization of Structural Elements: If we find structural elements at risk, we do everything possible to stabilize them.
  • Board Ups: We cover all openings and exposed areas in the building.
  • Roof Tarping: We provide roof tarping services to better protect your roof and anything beneath it.
  • Barricades: If necessary, we can provide temporary enclosures or barricades.

Just like in any disaster scenario, time is in short supply. The longer you wait to apply proper board up and stabilization elements to your damaged property, the greater the risk of your building and personal belongings sustaining further damage. While it is important to contact reconstruction personnel (which we can also provide) in a timely manner, it is equally important to stabilize your property first.

Contact Us

If you live in the Peachtree City, GA, area, and would like to take advantage of our emergency board up services, then give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day to take your call, and we will act quickly to get a service team out to your location in a timely manner.

We understand how traumatic it can be to have your property experience significant damage due to an event that is out of your control. This is why we highly recommend calling RestorationMaster at (470) 458-3664 as quickly as possible.

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