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Disaster Restoration In McDonough, GA | Fire & Water Damage Cleanup

Commercial and Residential Disaster Restoration Services

Call: (470) 458-3664 available 24/7

Service Area: McDonough, GA | Clayton County and Fayette County, Georgia

RestorationMaster has, for nearly two decades, been a provider of disaster restoration and cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in McDonough, Georgia, and the neighboring areas. Our professional technicians will promptly respond to your call following a disaster to contain the property damage. We will use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to conduct quality restoration work.

Our business started as a one-person carpet cleaning company. Soon after, we transitioned into becoming a disaster restoration provider. Since then, we have experienced exponential growth; we have a large storehouse, advanced equipment, and a full staff. Our employees are dedicated to restoring your home or business after a disaster and providing exceptional customer service.

The following are the primary disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide:

  • Water damage restoration and cleaning
  • Fire and soot damage restoration and cleaning
  • Storm damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Residential and commercial roofing
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Emergency board up
  • Odor removal
  • Sewage cleanup

At RestorationMaster, we are prepared to respond to your disaster emergencies on a 24/7 basis to limit the damage and begin the restoration work. Every one of the technicians we employ are well trained, have IICRC certification, and are properly equipped to provide quality restoration work for damage of all kinds. Furthermore, we are proud to be a part of the Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians (SCCRT) and DKI, North America’s largest organization of restoration contractors. Our technicians will provide great customer service in addition to exceptional results. Regardless of the harm that has occurred, you can be at ease knowing there is help on the way.


Available 24/7, the professional technicians at RestorationMaster can be reached for emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services in McDonough, GA, by calling (470) 458-3664.

Water Damage Restoration - McDonough, GAWater Damage Restoration – McDonough, GA

Due to the various potential sources of flooding and excess water, water damage is known to be the most common form of property damage. Natural conditions like flooding and rainfall can cause harm, but internal issues like sewage backups and burst pipes can result in serious water damage as well. No matter what caused it, all cases of water damage need to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, porous building materials and furnishings will continuously absorb the water, spreading and worsening the damage. With enough time, it will lead to structural harm and even mold growth. RestorationMaster can help homes and buildings in McDonough, GA, that have been affected by excess water and flooding through our water damage restoration services. Our technicians can remove any amount of water, using our water extraction and drying equipment, and restore the damage.
Sewage Cleanup Services

Sewage Removal – McDonough, GA

Sewage water can enter your property and contaminate not only the clean water in the house but also your floors and other furniture could be damaged from it. Even worse, because sewage water contains pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, exposure to sewage water can result in serious health issues. You cannot simply ignore the issue, take action by calling a professional sewage removal company to clean up the sewage water and take care of any repairs as soon as possible. RestorationMaster provides sewage cleanup services for contaminated homes and businesses in the McDonough area. Our certified technicians will safely and properly handle the removal and cleaning of sewage water.

Burst Pipes FloodBurst Pipes Flood Cleanup Services – McDonough, GA

When cold weather strikes, it can cause your pipes to freeze and lead to a pipe burst that can result in major damage. Burst pipes can spill many gallons of water into a home or building and the water will get absorbed into the surrounding furnishings and porous building materials. It is important to act fast to have the water removed and the damage restored. RestorationMaster provides burst pipe cleanup services in McDonough, GA to address the water damage caused by a pipe burst. We will dry out any water damaged areas and restore your property back to its original state.

Emergency Flood Cleanup and Dry OutEmergency Flood Cleanup and Dry Out Services – McDonough, GA

Water damage can happen at any time at your home or business. When it happens, it is important to react right away and get the water extracted and restore your property back to its pre-damaged state. If you experience a flood at your home or business, make sure to call RestorationMaster of McDonough, GA, right away for emergency flood cleanup and dry out services. We will extract the water with our specialized equipment and use hi-tech dehumidifiers and drying equipment to fully dry the area.

Flooded BasementFlooded Basement Cleanup Services – McDonough, GA

You can experience a flooded basement due to heavy rains, flooding, or even leaky pipes. It is crucial to react quickly so that the damage does not spread further. Make sure to call RestorationMaster of McDonough, GA for all your flooded basement cleanup needs. We will extract the extra water and moisture from your basement, clean damaged items, dry out the area with specialized equipment, and restore the basement back to its original state.

Fire Damage Restoration - McDonough, GAFire Damage Restoration – McDonough, GA

Because of how fires can endanger people’s lives and quickly spread, fires are known to be one of the most dangerous disasters that can affect a home or building. If a fire does break out on your property, then you must evacuate the place promptly and have the fire extinguished right away. However, the damage is not done once the flames are out. When there’s a fire, it produces corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot, which will continue to linger and cause damage after the fire is out. Knowing this, restoration work needs to be done as soon as possible. RestorationMaster can help homes and commercial buildings in McDonough, GA, that have been damaged by a fire with our fire damage restoration services. Our technicians will make structural repairs and clean and restore the damaged materials.

Mold Remediation - McDonough, GAMold Remediation – McDonough, GA

Not only is mold a problem because of the damage it can cause to your property, but also because of the negative effects it can have on your health. Mold uses cellulose as a food source, a material found in common building materials like wood and drywall. Furthermore, mold is prone to growing in areas affected by excess water and moisture. Until removed, mold will continue to harm your property. RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in McDonough, GA, that have been affected by mold growth with our mold remediation services. Our technicians will locate all cases of mold and will work to effectively restore the damaged areas.

Storm Damage Restoration - McDonough, GAStorm Damage Restoration – McDonough, GA

If there is a severe storm headed your way, it is impossible to figure out what kind of effect it will have on your property. From thunderstorms to tornadoes, there are several kinds of storms that can leave your home or business damaged and in an unstable condition. In such a case, immediate repairs need to be made to prevent the damage from worsening. RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in McDonough, GA, that have been severely damaged by a storm with our storm damage restoration services. Our technicians will stabilize the structure, make repairs, and conduct work that restores your property to its former state.

Reconstruction Roofing - McDonough, GAResidential and Commercial Roofing – McDonough, GA

The roof of your home or commercial building is the first line of defense against the elements and other outside forces. Because of this, your roof can sustain a lot of damage from a storm, animals, debris, and other sources. If your roof is harmed, it needs to be repaired promptly. Otherwise, your property is left unprotected and vulnerable to damage by rain, wind, and other outside forces. RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in McDonough, Georgia, with our residential and commercial roofing services. Our technicians will cover the roof for protection and then repair the roof damage.
Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarder Cleanup – McDonough, GA

Hoarding involves intense anxiety that stops affected individuals from throwing anything away because they build a relationship with their belongings. But with increased clutters in the house, it creates a dangerous living condition with increased fire hazard and chances of bacteria growth. To improve and restore their living condition, you need to call an hoarding cleanup company to help with the cleaning out the property. Call RestorationMaster for hoarding cleanup services and we will help with this problem. We treat the individuals with respect when we enter the property to clean the house.
Emergency Board Up

Emergency Board Up – McDonough, GA

Unexpected natural disasters can happen: floods, storms, and other accidents can severely damage the exterior and the structure of commercial and residential properties. As a property owner, you want to protect your property from these kinds of disasters. RestorationMaster can stabilize and board up homes and buildings with our emergency board up services in McDonough, GA. You can act proactively before the disaster hits, or protect the integrity of the property after the disaster. Either way, you don’t want to leave your property in a dangerous condition. We will cover all the openings from roofs to windows and stabilize the structure of the building to avoid further damages.
Odor Removal

Deodorization Services – McDonough, GA

Unpleasant odors in a commercial or residential property usually come from water or mold damage, natural disasters, or most notably, fire and smoke damage. The smell will linger in the property because the odors can get absorbed in to the walls and floors. This make the odors hard to remove without the help from the disaster restoration professionals. At RestorationMaster, we use advanced deodorization methods and industrial equipment to remove odors from homes and businesses in McDonough, GA area. Our certified technicians are skilled and they will effectively remove the odors from affected materials and air spaces.

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For fire and flood damage cleanup or any disaster restoration services in the McDonough, GA area, contact RestorationMaster at (470) 458-3664.