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Water Damage Restoration in New Lenox and Mokena, IL

(630) 576-0336


Due to the number of potential sources, water damage is a very common disaster. Sources like leaking pipes, appliances, and roofs, as well as pipe bursts, sewage backups, and natural flooding are all destructive to the building materials in your home or building. But as soon as it starts, it will flow to the areas of least resistance, often through holes and cracks that are difficult to reach.

RestorationMaster  is available in New Lenox and Mokena, IL to provide water damage restoration services for homes and buildings. Our technicians are available 24/7 and will respond to your first call to immediately extract the water, set up powerful drying equipment, and apply anti-microbials to prevent mold growth. Our professionals are IICRC-certified and trained to respond immediately, addressing the areas of highest concern first while working to restore complete peace of mind.

Water Damage Cleanup

s soon as we arrive on your property, we will quickly extract and dry out all excess water and moisture from the affected air spaces and building materials. We will also take steps to address any hidden mold growth, as well as prevent it from returning in the future.

Many property owners are not aware that water can cause severe damage to building materials and contents. But many properties are built with porous materials, including drywall, wood flooring, ceiling, and insulation that are quick to absorb water like a sponge. As soon as you call our technicians, we can quickly remove the standing water and hidden water damage, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the materials. We will also remove any lingering odors using deodorizing technology.

Our water damage restoration services include each of the following:

  • 24/7 availability and quick response
  • Water removal to extract excess water from the damaged area
  • Installation of drying equipment, removing excess water and moisture from the affected spaces
  • Application of anti-microbials to prevent mold growth
  • Installation of replacement porous materials
  • Frequent monitoring to ensure the affected area is fully dry
  • Working with your insurance agent during the claims process so you can focus on personal matters.

Water Damage Repair – What to Do:

  • Call RestorationMaster for emergency water damage restoration services
  • Wipe down wet furniture and prop up furniture skirts and pillows
  • Pack books tightly on their shelves until they can be dried by our technicians
  • Hang up rugs in a high place to dry
  • Open all doors, cabinets, and drawers to improve air circulation
  • Turn on the air conditioning to allow air to flow throughout the property
  • Place aluminum foil between furniture legs and the floor to prevent water from affecting the furniture.

Water Restoration – What NOT to Do:

  • Do not enter a room with critical electrical or structural damage
  • Do not vacuum up any standing water
  • Do not try to remove mold yourself
  • Do not remove permanent flooring
  • Do not use any appliances that have been affected by water damage

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For emergency water damage restoration services in New Lenox and Mokena, IL, contact RestorationMaster at (630) 576-0336.