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Fire Damage Restoration in Hamilton Township, NJ

Restoration 360

(609) 900-7686

If you experience a fire on your property, the first order of business is to put it out. Fires can spread incredibly fast, putting lives at risk and causing widespread, devastating damage within the property. Even when the fire gets put out, the building could be structurally unstable and have remains of toxic materials such as smoke and soot, creating a threat to your health. Immediately after the flames are put out, call restoration professionals to contain and restore the damage.

At Restoration 360, we provide fire damage restoration for homes and businesses in Hamilton Township, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We will quickly contain the spread of toxic materials like smoke and soot, as well as remove damaged debris to expedite the restoration process in your home or business. We will plan out and complete the restoration of your property without delay to help bring you peace of mind.

How Fire and Smoke Cause Damage to the Property

Any damage caused by the fire’s flames will be obvious as they will burn through anything in their path. It will destroy objects within the property and potentially leave the home or building structurally unstable. Most of the damage will be caused by the corrosive byproducts such as smoke and soot that will continue to spread long after the fire is put out. Once these materials settle on various surfaces and objects, they will cause damage, possibly permanent, without professional cleaning and restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration in NJ

Fire Damage Restoration in NJ

Experienced Fire Damage Restoration from Restoration 360 in Hamilton Township, NJ

Our team at Restoration 360 provides complete fire and smoke damage restoration to restore your home or business after a fire. Our all-in-one restoration includes water damage mitigation, repair of structural damage, and smoke and soot cleanup, as well as particulate purification to remove any toxic material left over in the air. We will respond to the situation immediately and contain the damage to help minimize the time and cost of the complete restoration.

Watch RestorationMaster Video for Fire Damage Restoration Hamilton Township, NJ

Upon calling us, you can expect the following:​​

  • Assistance with filing an insurance claim: Our staff will work to keep your restoration costs to a minimum which makes it easier for your insurance to cover the damage.
  • Restore: We will work as quickly as possible to restore your property to a safe and livable condition, allowing you to return to normalcy faster.
  • Minimize future problems and expenses: Our complete restoration includes addressing and uncovering any and all issues caused by water, mold, smoke, and soot. We do this to prevent any future problems from arising.

We provide the following fire and smoke damage restoration services:

  • Emergency board-up and tarping: Our team will immediately secure the property in the case of structural instability. We will also board up and tarp windows and doors.
  • Water extraction and dry-out: We will remove any water that may have been left from extinguishing the fire.
  • Smoke and soot removal: Our professionals will use specialized products and techniques to restore surfaces and materials from smoke and soot damage.
  • Deodorization and disinfection: We will thoroughly remove smoke odors and disinfect the property to prevent future mold growth.
  • Rebuild and restoration: We will repair the damage caused by the fire and restore your property back to its original condition.

Call Us for Fire Damage Restoration in Hamilton Township, NJ

Experienced Fire Damage Restoration from Restoration 360

Experienced Fire Damage Restoration from Restoration 360

We are on standby 24/7 to respond to fire emergencies in Hamilton Township, NJ at (609) 900-7686. Upon our arrival, we will limit the damage and create a complete restoration plan to get your property back to its original condition.

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Recent Reviews

We had a water leak from our upstairs shower that went through the ceiling and into our kitchen. We called Restoration 360 and they arrived within 60 mins in the early hours of Sat morning. Bryan and Tracy were prompt and professional and did an incredible job taking care of any water damage without ripping up any flooring unnecessarily . They were extremely knowledgeable and filled us in on the process every step of the way. I would not hesitate to call on them again as I found them extremely trustworthy and did exactly what needed to do be done. Well done Restoration 360!

We had a toilet that was overflowing and leaking from the second story to the first floor and into the basement. Our entire kitchen was also affected. The team from Restoration 360 arrived promptly to help remediate and remove the water damage. I can’t recommend them enough. Once again thanks for your help

What a Great Experience!!! I called with an Emergency and they came right out. The Technicians were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The team set the proper expectations and completely overwhelmed me with the job they performed. I would highly recommend Joe and his team to anyone.

We had a great experience with Restoration 360. Joe was a great guy, very knowledgeable, and even came out to look at our issue on a holiday. He put us in touch with a great plumber -Rocco, and our issue was fixed in no time. Good honest people to work with.

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