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Hoarding Cleaning for Granger, IN

Monroe Restoration

(574) 891-8076

Monroe Restoration is a leading provider of hoarding cleaning services in Granger, IN. We understand the unique challenges that hoarders face and address the situation with a certain level of understanding, compassion, and respect. As far as actual sanitization and restoration services are concerned, our technicians are among the best in the industry. No matter the state of your property, we will return it to a safe and livable condition.

Hoarding-cleanup-Granger, IN

Hazards of Hoarding

There are many dangers that hoarding can cause when it is left unchecked. However, it is important to first understand where this problem stems from. Compulsive hoarding, or hoarding disorder, is a legitimate mental ailment that can cause people to experience extreme anxiety when faced with throwing items away. This leads to the buildup of knick-knacks, broken items, and other unnecessary belongings. Over time, this buildup can lead to a number of safety hazards for those on the property.

  • Fires are a significant concern because of the increased likelihood of multiple fire hazards developing on the property. The fact that extra belongings will make any fire that does take place more severe is a concern, as well.
  • Avenues of escape can be blocked by belongings in the event of a disaster. For example, if a fire breaks out, and a certain section of the building is blocked, it is important to be able to navigate easily to another exit.
  • Tipping hazards can become an issue in many situations. These scenarios take place when belongings begin to pile up in an unstable and dangerous fashion.
  • Dust, mold, biohazard materials, and other harmful elements can gather in areas that are not regularly cleaned. This can lead to severe health complications for those exposed.

Restoring Your Property

Through a compassionate approach and targeted action, our technicians will return your property to a safe and livable condition. We understand the psychological impact that compulsive hoarding has on individuals and we take this into account by first establishing trust with our clients. From here, we will begin the cleaning and restoration process. We utilize personal protective equipment (PPE), and adhere to the rules and regulations set by the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation.

When you take advantage of our hoarding cleanup services, you can expect the following:

  • The establishment of trust with affected individuals
  • Decontamination of the property through the removal of dangerous substances
  • Proper disposal of unneeded and unwanted items (we will throw away, donate, and recycle items based on the input from affected individuals)
  • Complete sanitization and deodorization services
  • Reconstruction services  (if needed)

Call us for Hoarding Cleanup in Granger, IN

If you or a loved one suffers from the effects of hoarding, we encourage you to take advantage of our hoarding cleaning services.

Our Monroe Restoration representatives can be reached at (574) 891-8076. We are proud to assist those in need in the Granger, IN, community.

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Betsy Ruley

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